System management - CS system management workload
in ELN Environment from Fedora ELN (backed by rawhide) for s390x

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Why Name Epoch:Version-Release Arch Size Summary
(required) OpenIPMI 2.0.31-8.eln112 s390x 278.2 kB IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) library and tools
(required) OpenIPMI-devel 2.0.31-8.eln112 s390x 706.9 kB The development environment for the OpenIPMI project
(dependency) OpenIPMI-lanserv 2.0.31-8.eln112 s390x 381.1 kB Emulates an IPMI network listener
(dependency) OpenIPMI-libs 2.0.31-8.eln112 s390x 1.8 MB The OpenIPMI runtime libraries
(dependency) SDL2 2.0.18-2.eln114 s390x 1.8 MB Cross-platform multimedia library
(required) Xaw3d 1.6.3-6.eln112 s390x 491.7 kB A version of the MIT Athena widget set for X
(required) Xaw3d-devel 1.6.3-6.eln112 s390x 318.9 kB Header files and libraries for development using Xaw3d
(dependency) acl 2.3.1-2.eln112 s390x 196.2 kB Access control list utilities
(dependency) adobe-mappings-cmap 20190730-2.eln113 noarch 14.3 MB CMap resources for Adobe's character collections
(dependency) adobe-mappings-cmap-deprecated 20190730-2.eln113 noarch 582.1 kB Deprecated CMap resources for Adobe's character collections
(dependency) adobe-mappings-pdf 20180407-9.eln112 noarch 4.2 MB PDF mapping resources from Adobe
(dependency) alternatives 1.19-1.eln112 s390x 57.6 kB A tool to maintain symbolic links determining default commands
(dependency) atk 2.36.0-4.eln112 s390x 1.3 MB Interfaces for accessibility support
(dependency) audit-libs 3.0.6-1.eln112 s390x 307.7 kB Dynamic library for libaudit
(dependency) autoconf 2.71-1.eln112 noarch 2.4 MB A GNU tool for automatically configuring source code
(dependency) automake 1.16.5-1.eln112 noarch 1.7 MB A GNU tool for automatically creating Makefiles
(dependency) avahi-libs 0.8-14.eln112 s390x 166.1 kB Libraries for avahi run-time use
(dependency) babl 0.1.88-1.fc36 s390x 968.7 kB A dynamic, any to any, pixel format conversion library
(required) babl-devel 0.1.88-1.fc36 s390x 107.8 kB Headers for developing programs that will use babl
(required) babl-devel-docs 0.1.88-1.fc36 noarch 375.4 kB Documentation for developing programs that will use babl
(required) basesystem 11-12.eln112 noarch 0.0 B The skeleton package which defines a simple Fedora system
(dependency) bash 5.1.8-3.fc36 s390x 7.4 MB The GNU Bourne Again shell
(required) bc 1.07.1-14.eln113 s390x 241.2 kB GNU's bc (a numeric processing language) and dc (a calculator)
(dependency) boost 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 1.3 kB The free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries
(dependency) boost-atomic 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 16.7 kB Run-time component of boost atomic library
(dependency) boost-chrono 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 37.7 kB Run-time component of boost chrono library
(dependency) boost-container 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 65.5 kB Run-time component of boost container library
(dependency) boost-context 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 12.7 kB Run-time component of boost context switching library
(dependency) boost-contract 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 102.9 kB Run-time component of boost contract library
(dependency) boost-coroutine 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 58.5 kB Run-time component of boost coroutine library
(dependency) boost-date-time 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 8.1 kB Run-time component of boost date-time library
(dependency) boost-devel 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 134.9 MB The Boost C++ headers and shared development libraries
(dependency) boost-fiber 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 78.3 kB Run-time component of boost fiber library
(dependency) boost-filesystem 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 118.9 kB Run-time component of boost filesystem library
(dependency) boost-graph 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 353.9 kB Run-time component of boost graph library
(dependency) boost-iostreams 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 82.2 kB Run-time component of boost iostreams library
(dependency) boost-locale 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 673.5 kB Run-time component of boost locale library
(dependency) boost-log 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 1.5 MB Run-time component of boost logging library
(dependency) boost-math 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 668.2 kB Math functions for boost TR1 library
(dependency) boost-nowide 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 12.7 kB Standard library functions with UTF-8 API on Windows
(dependency) boost-numpy3 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 53.3 kB Run-time component of boost numpy library for Python 3
(dependency) boost-program-options 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 275.9 kB Run-time component of boost program_options library
(dependency) boost-python3 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 248.9 kB Run-time component of boost python library for Python 3
(dependency) boost-random 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 33.7 kB Run-time component of boost random library
(dependency) boost-regex 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 290.7 kB Run-time component of boost regular expression library
(dependency) boost-serialization 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 447.2 kB Run-time component of boost serialization library
(dependency) boost-stacktrace 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 47.6 kB Run-time component of boost stacktrace library
(dependency) boost-system 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 8.1 kB Run-time component of boost system support library
(dependency) boost-test 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 624.6 kB Run-time component of boost test library
(dependency) boost-thread 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 120.2 kB Run-time component of boost thread library
(dependency) boost-timer 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 33.4 kB Run-time component of boost timer library
(dependency) boost-type_erasure 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 54.2 kB Run-time component of boost type erasure library
(dependency) boost-wave 1.76.0-6.eln112 s390x 674.7 kB Run-time component of boost C99/C++ preprocessing library
(dependency) bzip2-libs 1.0.8-10.eln113 s390x 84.7 kB Libraries for applications using bzip2
(dependency) ca-certificates 2021.2.50-3.eln112 noarch 917.9 kB The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle
(dependency) cairo 1.17.4-4.eln112 s390x 1.6 MB A 2D graphics library
(dependency) cim-schema 2.54.0-2.eln112 noarch 6.4 MB Common Information Model (CIM) Schema
(dependency) cmake-filesystem 3.22.0-4.eln114 s390x 0.0 B Directories used by CMake modules
(dependency) coreutils 9.0-2.eln112 s390x 5.6 MB A set of basic GNU tools commonly used in shell scripts
(dependency) coreutils-common 9.0-2.eln112 s390x 10.5 MB coreutils common optional components
(dependency) cracklib 2.9.6-27.eln112 s390x 224.8 kB A password-checking library
(dependency) cracklib-dicts 2.9.6-27.eln112 s390x 9.4 MB The standard CrackLib dictionaries
(dependency) createrepo_c 0.17.7-1.eln114 s390x 193.9 kB Creates a common metadata repository
(dependency) createrepo_c-libs 0.17.7-1.eln114 s390x 253.8 kB Library for repodata manipulation
(dependency) crypto-policies 20211115-1.git1b1c04c.eln114 noarch 84.1 kB System-wide crypto policies
(dependency) crypto-policies-scripts 20211115-1.git1b1c04c.eln114 noarch 217.2 kB Tool to switch between crypto policies
(dependency) cryptsetup-libs 2.4.2-1.eln114 s390x 1.8 MB Cryptsetup shared library
(dependency) cups-libs 1:2.3.3op2-11.eln114 s390x 695.5 kB CUPS printing system - libraries
(dependency) curl 7.80.0-2.fc36 s390x 698.8 kB A utility for getting files from remote servers (FTP, HTTP, and others)
(dependency) cyrus-sasl-lib 2.1.27-16.eln113 s390x 2.3 MB Shared libraries needed by applications which use Cyrus SASL
(dependency) dbus 1:1.12.20-5.eln112 s390x 0.0 B D-BUS message bus
(dependency) dbus-broker 29-4.eln112 s390x 385.8 kB Linux D-Bus Message Broker
(dependency) dbus-common 1:1.12.20-5.eln112 noarch 11.2 kB D-BUS message bus configuration
(dependency) dbus-libs 1:1.12.20-5.eln112 s390x 377.1 kB Libraries for accessing D-BUS
(required) dcraw 9.28.0-12.eln112 s390x 569.4 kB Tool for decoding raw image data from digital cameras
(dependency) dejavu-sans-fonts 2.37-17.eln112 noarch 5.7 MB DejaVu Sans, a variable-width sans-serif font family
(dependency) device-mapper 10:1.02.175-6.eln112 s390x 350.7 kB Device mapper utility
(dependency) device-mapper-libs 10:1.02.175-6.eln112 s390x 431.8 kB Device-mapper shared library
(required) diffstat 1.64-5.eln112 s390x 71.3 kB A utility which provides statistics based on the output of diff
(required) diffutils 3.8-1.eln112 s390x 1.5 MB GNU collection of diff utilities
(dependency) dnf-data 4.10.0-1.fc36 noarch 37.8 kB Common data and configuration files for DNF
(required) dos2unix 7.4.2-3.eln112 s390x 681.9 kB Text file format converters
(dependency) ed 1.14.2-11.eln112 s390x 126.8 kB The GNU line editor
(required) eigen3-devel 3.4.0-3.eln112 noarch 8.3 MB A lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math
(dependency) elfutils-default-yama-scope 0.186-1.fc36 noarch 1.8 kB Default yama attach scope sysctl setting
(dependency) elfutils-libelf 0.186-1.fc36 s390x 1015.3 kB Library to read and write ELF files
(dependency) elfutils-libs 0.186-1.fc36 s390x 702.3 kB Libraries to handle compiled objects
(dependency) emacs-filesystem 1:27.2-9.eln112 noarch 0.0 B Emacs filesystem layout
(dependency) expat 2.4.1-2.eln112 s390x 299.8 kB An XML parser library
(env) fedora-gpg-keys 36-0.3.eln112 noarch 115.5 kB Fedora RPM keys
(env) fedora-release-common 36-0.12.eln114 noarch 17.4 kB Fedora release files
(env) fedora-release-eln 36-0.12.eln114 noarch 0.0 B Base package for Fedora ELN specific default configurations
(env) fedora-release-identity-eln 36-0.12.eln114 noarch 1.4 kB Package providing the identity for Fedora ELN
(env) fedora-repos 36-0.3.eln112 noarch 4.5 kB Fedora package repositories
(env) fedora-repos-eln 36-0.3.eln112 noarch 3.3 kB ELN repo definitions
(env) fedora-repos-rawhide 36-0.3.eln112 noarch 2.2 kB Rawhide repo definitions
(dependency) file-libs 5.41-1.fc36 s390x 8.4 MB Libraries for applications using libmagic
(dependency) filesystem 3.16-1.eln112 s390x 106.0 B The basic directory layout for a Linux system
(dependency) flac-devel 1.3.3-9.eln112 s390x 4.8 MB Development libraries and header files from FLAC
(dependency) flac-libs 1.3.3-9.eln112 s390x 493.1 kB Libraries for the Free Lossless Audio Codec
(dependency) flexiblas 3.0.4-6.eln112 s390x 68.2 kB A BLAS/LAPACK wrapper library with runtime exchangeable backends
(dependency) flexiblas-netlib 3.0.4-6.eln112 s390x 10.7 MB FlexiBLAS wrapper library
(dependency) flexiblas-openblas-openmp 3.0.4-6.eln112 s390x 37.6 kB FlexiBLAS wrappers for OpenBLAS
(dependency) fontconfig 2.13.94-3.eln112 s390x 813.7 kB Font configuration and customization library
(dependency) fonts-filesystem 1:2.0.5-6.eln112 noarch 0.0 B Directories used by font packages
(required) freeipmi 1.6.8-2.eln112 s390x 9.9 MB IPMI remote console and system management software
(required) freeipmi-devel 1.6.8-2.eln112 s390x 2.3 MB Development package for FreeIPMI
(dependency) freetype 2.11.0-1.eln112 s390x 865.9 kB A free and portable font rendering engine
(dependency) fribidi 1.0.11-1.eln112 s390x 197.5 kB Library implementing the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
(dependency) gawk 5.1.1-1.eln113 s390x 1.7 MB The GNU version of the AWK text processing utility
(dependency) gd 2.3.3-4.eln114 s390x 428.0 kB A graphics library for quick creation of PNG or JPEG images
(dependency) gdbm-libs 1:1.22-1.fc36 s390x 133.4 kB Libraries files for gdbm
(dependency) gdk-pixbuf2 2.42.6-2.eln112 s390x 2.5 MB An image loading library
(dependency) gdk-pixbuf2-modules 2.42.6-2.eln112 s390x 231.1 kB Additional image modules for gdk-pixbuf2
(dependency) ghostscript 9.55.0-1.eln113 s390x 39.3 kB Interpreter for PostScript language & PDF
(dependency) ghostscript-tools-fonts 9.55.0-1.eln113 s390x 2.9 kB Ghostscript's font utilities
(dependency) ghostscript-tools-printing 9.55.0-1.eln113 s390x 3.5 kB Ghostscript's printing utilities
(dependency) giflib 5.2.1-8.eln112 s390x 105.7 kB A library and utilities for processing GIFs
(dependency) glib2 2.70.1-1.eln113 s390x 13.0 MB A library of handy utility functions
(dependency) glibc 2.34.9000-26.fc36 s390x 5.0 MB The GNU libc libraries
(dependency) glibc-common 2.34.9000-26.fc36 s390x 1.1 MB Common binaries and locale data for glibc
(dependency) glibc-minimal-langpack 2.34.9000-26.fc36 s390x 0.0 B Minimal language packs for glibc.
(dependency) gmp 1:6.2.1-1.eln113 s390x 693.7 kB GNU arbitrary precision library
(dependency) gmp-c++ 1:6.2.1-1.eln113 s390x 31.6 kB C++ bindings for the GNU MP arbitrary precision library
(dependency) gmp-devel 1:6.2.1-1.eln113 s390x 358.8 kB Development tools for the GNU MP arbitrary precision library
(dependency) gnupg2 2.3.3-2.eln114 s390x 9.1 MB Utility for secure communication and data storage
(dependency) gnutls 3.7.2-2.eln112 s390x 2.8 MB A TLS protocol implementation
(dependency) gobject-introspection 1.70.0-1.eln112 s390x 932.5 kB Introspection system for GObject-based libraries
(dependency) google-droid-sans-fonts 20200215-10.eln112 noarch 6.3 MB Droid Sans, a humanist sans-serif font family
(dependency) gpgme 1.15.1-6.eln113 s390x 595.8 kB GnuPG Made Easy - high level crypto API
(required) gpm 1.20.7-39.fc36 s390x 100.2 kB A mouse server for the Linux console
(required) gpm-devel 1.20.7-39.fc36 s390x 9.8 kB Development files for the gpm library
(required) gpm-libs 1.20.7-39.fc36 s390x 27.7 kB Dynamic library for gpm
(dependency) graphite2 1.3.14-8.eln112 s390x 187.6 kB Font rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems
(dependency) grep 3.7-1.eln112 s390x 938.8 kB Pattern matching utilities
(dependency) groff-base 1.22.4-8.eln112 s390x 3.9 MB Parts of the groff formatting system required to display manual pages
(dependency) gsm 1.0.19-6.eln112 s390x 55.7 kB Shared libraries for GSM speech compressor
(dependency) gtk-update-icon-cache 3.24.30-4.eln112 s390x 70.1 kB Icon theme caching utility
(dependency) gtk2 2.24.33-5.eln112 s390x 13.4 MB GTK+ graphical user interface library
(dependency) gzip 1.11-1.fc36 s390x 365.5 kB GNU data compression program
(dependency) harfbuzz 3.1.2-1.eln114 s390x 1.9 MB Text shaping library
(dependency) hicolor-icon-theme 0.17-11.eln112 noarch 72.2 kB Basic requirement for icon themes
(dependency) ima-evm-utils 1.3.2-4.eln112 s390x 145.4 kB IMA/EVM support utilities
(required) imath 3.1.3-1.eln113 s390x 351.8 kB Library of 2D and 3D vector, matrix, and math operations for computer graphics
(required) imath-devel 3.1.3-1.eln113 s390x 3.7 MB Development files for Imath
(dependency) info 6.8-2.eln112 s390x 527.3 kB A stand-alone TTY-based reader for GNU texinfo documentation
(required) ipmitool 1.8.18-24.eln112 s390x 1.0 MB Utility for IPMI control
(required) iprutils 2.4.19-4.eln112 s390x 678.1 kB Utilities for the IBM Power Linux RAID adapters
(dependency) iptables-legacy-libs 1.8.7-14.eln114 s390x 90.4 kB iptables legacy libraries
(required) jasper-devel 2.0.33-1.eln112 s390x 741.2 kB Header files, libraries and developer documentation
(dependency) jasper-libs 2.0.33-1.eln112 s390x 337.6 kB Runtime libraries for jasper
(dependency) jbig2dec-libs 0.19-5.eln112 s390x 164.8 kB A decoder implementation of the JBIG2 image compression format
(dependency) jbigkit-libs 2.1-22.eln112 s390x 109.4 kB JBIG1 lossless image compression library
(dependency) json-c 0.15-2.eln112 s390x 77.4 kB JSON implementation in C
(dependency) keyutils-libs 1.6.1-3.eln112 s390x 50.3 kB Key utilities library
(dependency) kmod-libs 29-6.eln112 s390x 146.6 kB Libraries to handle kernel module loading and unloading
(dependency) krb5-libs 1.19.2-4.eln114 s390x 2.1 MB The non-admin shared libraries used by Kerberos 5
(dependency) langpacks-core-font-en 3.0-16.eln114 noarch 351.0 B English core font meta-package
(dependency) lcms2 2.12-2.eln112 s390x 406.8 kB Color Management Engine
(dependency) lcms2-devel 2.12-2.eln112 s390x 2.1 MB Development files for LittleCMS
(dependency) leptonica 1.82.0-1.eln112 s390x 3.0 MB C library for efficient image processing and image analysis operations
(dependency) leptonica-devel 1.82.0-1.eln112 s390x 550.7 kB Development files for leptonica
(dependency) libICE 1.0.10-7.eln112 s390x 170.3 kB X.Org X11 ICE runtime library
(dependency) libICE-devel 1.0.10-7.eln112 s390x 261.3 kB X.Org X11 ICE development package
(dependency) libSM 1.2.3-9.eln112 s390x 92.7 kB X.Org X11 SM runtime library
(dependency) libSM-devel 1.2.3-9.eln112 s390x 18.8 kB X.Org X11 SM development package
(dependency) libX11 1.7.2-3.eln112 s390x 1.3 MB Core X11 protocol client library
(dependency) libX11-common 1.7.2-3.eln112 noarch 1.3 MB Common data for libX11
(dependency) libX11-devel 1.7.2-3.eln112 s390x 1.0 MB Development files for libX11
(dependency) libX11-xcb 1.7.2-3.eln112 s390x 6.9 kB XCB interop for libX11
(dependency) libXau 1.0.9-7.eln112 s390x 59.1 kB Sample Authorization Protocol for X
(dependency) libXau-devel 1.0.9-7.eln112 s390x 6.4 kB Development files for libXau
(dependency) libXcomposite 0.4.5-6.eln112 s390x 37.2 kB X Composite Extension library
(dependency) libXcursor 1.2.0-6.eln112 s390x 49.4 kB Cursor management library
(dependency) libXdamage 1.1.5-6.eln112 s390x 32.1 kB X Damage extension library
(dependency) libXext 1.3.4-7.eln112 s390x 93.1 kB X.Org X11 libXext runtime library
(dependency) libXext-devel 1.3.4-7.eln112 s390x 98.9 kB X.Org X11 libXext development package
(dependency) libXfixes 6.0.0-2.eln112 s390x 26.2 kB X Fixes library
(dependency) libXft 2.3.4-1.eln112 s390x 142.7 kB X.Org X11 libXft runtime library
(dependency) libXi 1.8-1.eln112 s390x 76.5 kB X.Org X11 libXi runtime library
(dependency) libXinerama 1.1.4-9.eln112 s390x 14.9 kB X.Org X11 libXinerama runtime library
(dependency) libXmu 1.1.3-7.eln112 s390x 183.4 kB X.Org X11 libXmu/libXmuu runtime libraries
(dependency) libXmu-devel 1.1.3-7.eln112 s390x 66.2 kB X.Org X11 libXmu development package
(dependency) libXpm 3.5.13-6.eln112 s390x 125.8 kB X.Org X11 libXpm runtime library
(dependency) libXpm-devel 3.5.13-6.eln112 s390x 66.9 kB X.Org X11 libXpm development package
(dependency) libXrandr 1.5.2-7.eln112 s390x 51.6 kB X.Org X11 libXrandr runtime library
(dependency) libXrender 0.9.10-15.eln112 s390x 46.0 kB X.Org X11 libXrender runtime library
(dependency) libXt 1.2.1-1.eln112 s390x 462.0 kB X.Org X11 libXt runtime library
(dependency) libXt-devel 1.2.1-1.eln112 s390x 1.6 MB X.Org X11 libXt development package
(dependency) libXxf86vm 1.1.4-17.eln112 s390x 25.4 kB X.Org X11 libXxf86vm runtime library
(dependency) libacl 2.3.1-2.eln112 s390x 35.9 kB Dynamic library for access control list support
(dependency) libarchive 3.5.2-2.eln112 s390x 937.9 kB A library for handling streaming archive formats
(dependency) libargon2 20171227-7.eln112 s390x 49.1 kB The password-hashing library
(dependency) libassuan 2.5.5-3.eln112 s390x 162.9 kB GnuPG IPC library
(dependency) libattr 2.5.1-3.eln112 s390x 24.5 kB Dynamic library for extended attribute support
(dependency) libblkid 2.37.2-1.eln112 s390x 229.1 kB Block device ID library
(dependency) libbrotli 1.0.9-6.eln112 s390x 781.3 kB Library for brotli lossless compression algorithm
(dependency) libcap 2.48-3.eln112 s390x 155.0 kB Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities
(dependency) libcap-ng 0.8.2-7.eln112 s390x 76.8 kB Alternate posix capabilities library
(dependency) libcom_err 1.46.4-1.eln112 s390x 59.1 kB Common error description library
(dependency) libcomps 0.1.18-1.eln112 s390x 233.6 kB Comps XML file manipulation library
(dependency) libcurl 7.80.0-2.fc36 s390x 668.9 kB A library for getting files from web servers
(dependency) libdatrie 0.2.13-2.eln112 s390x 57.8 kB Implementation of Double-Array structure for representing trie
(dependency) libdb 5.3.28-50.eln112 s390x 1.8 MB The Berkeley DB database library for C
(dependency) libdecor 0.1.0-1.eln112 s390x 88.0 kB Wayland client side decoration library
(dependency) libdnf 0.65.0-1.fc36 s390x 1.9 MB Library providing simplified C and Python API to libsolv
(dependency) libdrm 2.4.109-1.eln114 s390x 276.5 kB Direct Rendering Manager runtime library
(dependency) libeconf 0.4.0-2.eln112 s390x 44.9 kB Enhanced config file parser library
(dependency) libevent 2.1.12-5.eln112 s390x 936.6 kB Abstract asynchronous event notification library
(dependency) libexif 0.6.24-1.eln114 s390x 2.5 MB Library for extracting extra information from image files
(dependency) libexif-devel 0.6.24-1.eln114 s390x 58.5 kB Files needed for libexif application development
(dependency) libfdisk 2.37.2-1.eln112 s390x 359.9 kB Partitioning library for fdisk-like programs.
(dependency) libffi 3.1-28.eln109 s390x 51.4 kB A portable foreign function interface library
(dependency) libffi-devel 3.1-28.eln109 s390x 24.9 kB Development files for libffi
(dependency) libfsverity 1.4-6.eln113 s390x 28.7 kB Development package for fsverity-utils
(dependency) libgcc 11.2.1-7.eln114 s390x 161.1 kB GCC version 11 shared support library
(dependency) libgcrypt 1.9.4-1.eln112 s390x 1.0 MB A general-purpose cryptography library
(dependency) libgfortran 11.2.1-7.eln114 s390x 1.7 MB Fortran runtime
(dependency) libglvnd 1:1.3.4-2.fc36 s390x 900.4 kB The GL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch library
(dependency) libglvnd-glx 1:1.3.4-2.fc36 s390x 798.5 kB GLX support for libglvnd
(dependency) libgomp 11.2.1-7.eln114 s390x 419.0 kB GCC OpenMP v4.5 shared support library
(dependency) libgpg-error 1.43-1.eln113 s390x 842.9 kB Library for error values used by GnuPG components
(dependency) libgphoto2 2.5.27-3.eln112 s390x 6.0 MB Library for accessing digital cameras
(required) libgphoto2-devel 2.5.27-3.eln112 s390x 716.8 kB Headers and links to compile against the libgphoto2 library
(dependency) libgs 9.55.0-1.eln113 s390x 21.4 MB Library providing Ghostcript's core functionality
(dependency) libibverbs 38.0-1.eln114 s390x 1.1 MB A library and drivers for direct userspace use of RDMA (InfiniBand/iWARP/RoCE) hardware
(dependency) libica 3.8.0-5.eln112 s390x 438.0 kB Library for accessing ICA hardware crypto on IBM z Systems
(dependency) libicu 69.1-2.eln112 s390x 33.0 MB International Components for Unicode - libraries
(dependency) libicu-devel 69.1-2.eln112 s390x 5.4 MB Development files for International Components for Unicode
(dependency) libidn2 2.3.2-3.eln112 s390x 280.7 kB Library to support IDNA2008 internationalized domain names
(dependency) libijs 0.35-14.eln112 s390x 57.6 kB IJS Raster Image Transport Protocol Library
(dependency) libjpeg-turbo 2.1.2-1.eln114 s390x 489.4 kB A MMX/SSE2/SIMD accelerated library for manipulating JPEG image files
(dependency) libjpeg-turbo-devel 2.1.2-1.eln114 s390x 346.3 kB Headers for the libjpeg-turbo library
(dependency) libksba 1.6.0-2.eln112 s390x 400.1 kB CMS and X.509 library
(dependency) libmetalink 0.1.3-15.eln112 s390x 77.4 kB Metalink library written in C
(dependency) libmodulemd 2.13.0-3.eln112 s390x 690.6 kB Module metadata manipulation library
(dependency) libmount 2.37.2-1.eln112 s390x 315.7 kB Device mounting library
(dependency) libnghttp2 1.46.0-1.fc36 s390x 158.0 kB A library implementing the HTTP/2 protocol
(dependency) libnl3 3.5.0-8.eln112 s390x 999.4 kB Convenience library for kernel netlink sockets
(dependency) libnsl2 2.0.0-2.eln114 s390x 62.0 kB Public client interface library for NIS(YP) and NIS+
(dependency) libogg 2:1.3.5-2.eln112 s390x 45.4 kB The Ogg bitstream file format library
(dependency) libogg-devel 2:1.3.5-2.eln112 s390x 17.5 kB Files needed for development using libogg
(dependency) libpaper 1.1.28-3.eln112 s390x 85.9 kB Library and tools for handling papersize
(dependency) libpcap 14:1.10.1-2.eln112 s390x 400.7 kB A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture
(dependency) libpkgconf 1.8.0-1.eln112 s390x 73.8 kB Backend library for pkgconf
(dependency) libpng 2:1.6.37-11.eln112 s390x 234.3 kB A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files
(dependency) libpsl 0.21.1-4.eln112 s390x 72.5 kB C library for the Publix Suffix List
(dependency) libpwquality 1.4.4-6.eln112 s390x 388.8 kB A library for password generation and password quality checking
(required) librabbitmq 0.11.0-4.eln112 s390x 102.2 kB Client library for AMQP
(required) librabbitmq-devel 0.11.0-4.eln112 s390x 237.9 kB Header files and development libraries for librabbitmq
(dependency) librepo 1.14.2-1.eln112 s390x 215.8 kB Repodata downloading library
(dependency) libreport-filesystem 2.15.2-6.eln112 noarch 0.0 B Filesystem layout for libreport
(dependency) libseccomp 2.5.3-1.fc36 s390x 179.2 kB Enhanced seccomp library
(dependency) libselinux 3.3-2.eln114 s390x 185.1 kB SELinux library and simple utilities
(dependency) libsemanage 3.3-1.eln113 s390x 300.6 kB SELinux binary policy manipulation library
(dependency) libsepol 3.3-2.fc36 s390x 757.8 kB SELinux binary policy manipulation library
(dependency) libsigsegv 2.13-3.eln112 s390x 44.8 kB Library for handling page faults in user mode
(dependency) libsmartcols 2.37.2-1.eln112 s390x 136.0 kB Formatting library for ls-like programs.
(required) libsmi 0.4.8-29.eln112 s390x 16.3 MB A library to access SMI MIB information
(required) libsmi-devel 0.4.8-29.eln112 s390x 39.1 kB Development environment for libsmi library
(required) libsndfile 1.0.31-6.eln114 s390x 554.1 kB Library for reading and writing sound files
(required) libsndfile-devel 1.0.31-6.eln114 s390x 208.9 kB Development files for libsndfile
(dependency) libsolv 0.7.20-1.eln112 s390x 952.5 kB Package dependency solver
(dependency) libssh 0.9.6-1.eln112 s390x 504.9 kB A library implementing the SSH protocol
(dependency) libssh-config 0.9.6-1.eln112 noarch 277.0 B Configuration files for libssh
(dependency) libstdc++ 11.2.1-7.eln114 s390x 2.6 MB GNU Standard C++ Library
(dependency) libtasn1 4.18.0-1.fc36 s390x 179.5 kB The ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS
(dependency) libthai 0.1.28-7.eln112 s390x 760.1 kB Thai language support routines
(dependency) libtiff 4.3.0-2.eln112 s390x 569.5 kB Library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files
(dependency) libtirpc 1.3.2-1.rc1.eln112 s390x 207.1 kB Transport Independent RPC Library
(dependency) libtool-ltdl 2.4.6-45.eln114 s390x 74.6 kB Runtime libraries for GNU Libtool Dynamic Module Loader
(dependency) libunistring 0.9.10-14.eln112 s390x 1.6 MB GNU Unicode string library
(dependency) libusb1 1.0.24-4.eln112 s390x 155.2 kB Library for accessing USB devices
(dependency) libuser 0.63-7.eln112 s390x 1.8 MB A user and group account administration library
(dependency) libutempter 1.2.1-5.eln112 s390x 48.9 kB A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates
(dependency) libuuid 2.37.2-1.eln112 s390x 29.4 kB Universally unique ID library
(required) libva 2.13.0-2.fc36 s390x 289.5 kB Video Acceleration (VA) API for Linux
(required) libva-devel 2.13.0-2.fc36 s390x 591.7 kB Development files for libva
(dependency) libverto 0.3.2-2.eln112 s390x 25.4 kB Main loop abstraction library
(dependency) libvorbis 1:1.3.7-4.eln112 s390x 869.9 kB The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
(dependency) libvorbis-devel 1:1.3.7-4.eln112 s390x 38.4 kB Development tools for Vorbis applications
(dependency) libwayland-client 1.19.0-2.eln112 s390x 62.0 kB Wayland client library
(dependency) libwayland-cursor 1.19.0-2.eln112 s390x 33.0 kB Wayland cursor library
(dependency) libwayland-egl 1.19.0-2.eln112 s390x 8.4 kB Wayland egl library
(dependency) libwayland-server 1.19.0-2.eln112 s390x 82.4 kB Wayland server library
(dependency) libwebp 1.2.1-1.eln112 s390x 601.0 kB Library and tools for the WebP graphics format
(dependency) libwsman1 2.7.1-1.fc36 s390x 366.1 kB Open source Implementation of WS-Management
(dependency) libxcb 1.13.1-8.eln112 s390x 1.0 MB A C binding to the X11 protocol
(dependency) libxcb-devel 1.13.1-8.eln112 s390x 2.6 MB Development files for libxcb
(dependency) libxcrypt 4.4.26-4.eln112 s390x 272.4 kB Extended crypt library for descrypt, md5crypt, bcrypt, and others
(dependency) libxml2 2.9.12-6.eln112 s390x 1.9 MB Library providing XML and HTML support
(dependency) libxshmfence 1.3-9.eln112 s390x 11.3 kB X11 shared memory fences
(dependency) libyaml 0.2.5-6.eln112 s390x 126.8 kB YAML 1.1 parser and emitter written in C
(dependency) libzstd 1.5.0-2.eln112 s390x 1.2 MB Zstd shared library
(dependency) linuxconsoletools 1.7.1-2.eln112 s390x 201.1 kB Tools for connecting joysticks & legacy devices to the kernel's input subsystem
(dependency) lockdev 1.0.4-0.36.20111007git.eln112 s390x 62.5 kB A library for locking devices
(dependency) lua-libs 5.4.3-2.eln112 s390x 582.2 kB Libraries for lua
(dependency) lz4-libs 1.9.3-3.eln112 s390x 141.8 kB Libaries for lz4
(dependency) m4 1.4.19-2.eln112 s390x 604.9 kB GNU macro processor
(dependency) mailcap 2.1.53-2.eln112 noarch 81.0 kB Helper application and MIME type associations for file types
(dependency) mesa-filesystem 21.3.1-1.eln114 s390x 3.6 kB Mesa driver filesystem
(dependency) mesa-libGL 21.3.1-1.eln114 s390x 573.2 kB Mesa libGL runtime libraries
(dependency) mesa-libglapi 21.3.1-1.eln114 s390x 442.7 kB Mesa shared glapi
(required) mksh 59c-4.eln112 s390x 851.9 kB MirBSD enhanced version of the Korn Shell
(required) modulemd-tools 0.11-1.eln112 noarch 128.8 kB Collection of tools for parsing and generating modulemd YAML files
(dependency) mpdecimal 2.5.1-2.eln112 s390x 257.4 kB Library for general decimal arithmetic
(required) mpfr 4.1.0-8.eln112 s390x 626.0 kB C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations
(required) mpfr-devel 4.1.0-8.eln112 s390x 59.2 kB Development files for the MPFR library
(dependency) ncurses 6.2-8.20210508.eln112 s390x 592.5 kB Ncurses support utilities
(dependency) ncurses-base 6.2-8.20210508.eln112 noarch 300.1 kB Descriptions of common terminals
(dependency) ncurses-c++-libs 6.2-8.20210508.eln112 s390x 153.4 kB Ncurses C++ bindings
(dependency) ncurses-devel 6.2-8.20210508.eln112 s390x 856.7 kB Development files for the ncurses library
(dependency) ncurses-libs 6.2-8.20210508.eln112 s390x 963.3 kB Ncurses libraries
(dependency) net-snmp-libs 1:5.9.1-12.eln112 s390x 3.1 MB The NET-SNMP runtime client libraries
(dependency) netpbm 10.96.00-1.eln112 s390x 584.5 kB A library for handling different graphics file formats
(required) netpbm-devel 10.96.00-1.eln112 s390x 182.5 kB Development tools for programs which will use the netpbm libraries
(required) netpbm-doc 10.96.00-1.eln112 s390x 3.3 MB Documentation for tools manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats
(required) netpbm-progs 10.96.00-1.eln112 s390x 7.5 MB Tools for manipulating graphics files in netpbm supported formats
(dependency) nettle 3.7.3-2.eln112 s390x 717.1 kB A low-level cryptographic library
(dependency) npth 1.6-7.eln112 s390x 45.2 kB The New GNU Portable Threads library
(dependency) nspr 4.32.0-4.fc36 s390x 348.2 kB Netscape Portable Runtime
(dependency) nss 3.73.0-1.fc36 s390x 1.9 MB Network Security Services
(dependency) nss-softokn 3.73.0-1.fc36 s390x 1.8 MB Network Security Services Softoken Module
(dependency) nss-softokn-freebl 3.73.0-1.fc36 s390x 650.8 kB Freebl library for the Network Security Services
(dependency) nss-sysinit 3.73.0-1.fc36 s390x 18.4 kB System NSS Initialization
(dependency) nss-util 3.73.0-1.fc36 s390x 230.1 kB Network Security Services Utilities Library
(dependency) openblas 0.3.18-1.eln113 s390x 74.3 kB An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2
(dependency) openblas-openmp 0.3.18-1.eln113 s390x 14.1 MB An optimized BLAS library based on GotoBLAS2, OpenMP version
(required) opencryptoki 3.17.0-3.eln114 s390x 339.4 kB Implementation of the PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) specification v3.0
(required) opencryptoki-ccatok 3.17.0-3.eln114 s390x 608.0 kB CCA cryptographic devices (secure-key) support for opencryptoki
(required) opencryptoki-devel 3.17.0-3.eln114 s390x 102.4 kB Development files for openCryptoki
(required) opencryptoki-ep11tok 3.17.0-3.eln114 s390x 702.1 kB CCA cryptographic devices (secure-key) support for opencryptoki
(required) opencryptoki-icatok 3.17.0-3.eln114 s390x 578.4 kB ICA cryptographic devices (clear-key) support for opencryptoki
(required) opencryptoki-icsftok 3.17.0-3.eln114 s390x 283.7 kB ICSF token support for opencryptoki
(required) opencryptoki-libs 3.17.0-3.eln114 s390x 135.9 kB The run-time libraries for opencryptoki package
(required) opencryptoki-swtok 3.17.0-3.eln114 s390x 550.3 kB The software token implementation for opencryptoki
(required) openexr 3.1.3-1.eln113 s390x 378.0 kB Provides the specification and reference implementation of the EXR file format
(required) openexr-devel 3.1.3-1.eln113 s390x 732.7 kB Development files for openexr
(required) openexr-libs 3.1.3-1.eln113 s390x 4.7 MB OpenEXR Libraries
(dependency) openjpeg2 2.4.0-4.eln112 s390x 388.9 kB C-Library for JPEG 2000
(dependency) openldap 2.4.59-4.eln112 s390x 713.2 kB LDAP support libraries
(dependency) openslp 2.0.0-29.eln112 s390x 163.6 kB Open implementation of Service Location Protocol V2
(dependency) openssl-devel 1:3.0.0-1.fc36 s390x 4.6 MB Files for development of applications which will use OpenSSL
(dependency) openssl-libs 1:3.0.0-1.fc36 s390x 5.7 MB A general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation
(dependency) openssl1.1 1:1.1.1l-1.eln112 s390x 3.3 MB Compatibility version of the OpenSSL library
(required) openwsman-server 2.7.1-1.fc36 s390x 552.5 kB Openwsman Server and service libraries
(dependency) opus 1.3.1-9.eln112 s390x 370.9 kB An audio codec for use in low-delay speech and audio communication
(dependency) opus-devel 1.3.1-9.eln112 s390x 2.4 MB Development package for opus
(dependency) p11-kit 0.23.22-4.eln112 s390x 1.6 MB Library for loading and sharing PKCS#11 modules
(dependency) p11-kit-trust 0.23.22-4.eln112 s390x 428.3 kB System trust module from p11-kit
(dependency) pam 1.5.2-7.eln114 s390x 1.9 MB An extensible library which provides authentication for applications
(dependency) pango 1.49.3-2.eln114 s390x 940.8 kB System for layout and rendering of internationalized text
(required) passwd 0.80-11.eln112 s390x 427.1 kB An utility for setting or changing passwords using PAM
(required) patch 2.7.6-15.eln112 s390x 266.4 kB Utility for modifying/upgrading files
(required) patchutils 0.4.2-6.eln112 s390x 196.9 kB A collection of programs for manipulating patch files
(dependency) pcre 8.45-1.eln112 s390x 316.6 kB Perl-compatible regular expression library
(dependency) pcre2 10.39-1.fc36 s390x 617.9 kB Perl-compatible regular expression library
(dependency) pcre2-syntax 10.39-1.fc36 noarch 223.9 kB Documentation for PCRE2 regular expressions
(dependency) perl-AutoLoader 5.74-482.eln113 noarch 21.5 kB Load subroutines only on demand
(dependency) perl-B 1.82-482.eln113 s390x 509.6 kB Perl compiler backend
(dependency) perl-Carp 1.52-478.eln112 noarch 46.8 kB Alternative warn and die for modules
(dependency) perl-Class-Struct 0.66-482.eln113 noarch 26.3 kB Declare struct-like data types as Perl classes
(dependency) perl-Compress-Raw-Bzip2 2.101-479.eln112 s390x 58.3 kB Low-level interface to bzip2 compression library
(dependency) perl-Compress-Raw-Zlib 2.101-479.eln112 s390x 148.4 kB Low-level interface to the zlib compression library
(dependency) perl-Data-Dump 1.25-2.eln112 noarch 50.9 kB Pretty printing of data structures
(dependency) perl-Data-Dumper 2.183-2.eln112 s390x 107.7 kB Stringify perl data structures, suitable for printing and eval
(dependency) perl-Digest 1.20-1.eln112 noarch 36.0 kB Modules that calculate message digests
(dependency) perl-Digest-HMAC 1.04-3.eln112 noarch 28.8 kB Keyed-Hashing for Message Authentication
(dependency) perl-Digest-MD5 2.58-478.eln112 s390x 55.3 kB Perl interface to the MD5 algorithm
(dependency) perl-Digest-SHA 1:6.02-479.eln112 s390x 112.1 kB Perl extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512
(dependency) perl-DynaLoader 1.50-482.eln113 s390x 32.3 kB Dynamically load C libraries into Perl code
(dependency) perl-Encode 4:3.16-483.eln113 s390x 9.6 MB Character encodings in Perl
(dependency) perl-Encode-Locale 1.05-21.eln112 noarch 19.3 kB Determine the locale encoding
(dependency) perl-English 1.11-482.eln113 noarch 7.1 kB Nice English or awk names for ugly punctuation variables
(dependency) perl-Errno 1.33-482.eln113 s390x 9.3 kB System errno constants
(dependency) perl-Exporter 5.76-479.eln112 noarch 54.0 kB Implements default import method for modules
(dependency) perl-Fcntl 1.14-482.eln113 s390x 29.8 kB File operation options
(dependency) perl-File-Basename 2.85-482.eln113 noarch 15.0 kB Parse file paths into directory, file name, and suffix
(dependency) perl-File-Compare 1.100.600-482.eln113 noarch 6.5 kB Compare files or file handles
(dependency) perl-File-Copy 2.35-482.eln113 noarch 20.6 kB Copy files or file handles
(dependency) perl-File-Find 1.39-482.eln113 noarch 38.6 kB Traverse a directory tree
(dependency) perl-File-Listing 6.14-4.eln112 noarch 40.8 kB Parse directory listing
(dependency) perl-File-Path 2.18-478.eln112 noarch 63.8 kB Create or remove directory trees
(dependency) perl-File-Temp 1:0.231.100-478.eln112 noarch 162.6 kB Return name and handle of a temporary file safely
(dependency) perl-File-stat 1.09-482.eln113 noarch 13.6 kB By-name interface to Perl built-in stat functions
(dependency) perl-FileHandle 2.03-482.eln113 noarch 10.3 kB Object methods for file handles
(dependency) perl-Getopt-Long 1:2.52-478.eln112 noarch 136.7 kB Extended processing of command line options
(dependency) perl-Getopt-Std 1.13-482.eln113 noarch 12.0 kB Process single-character switches with switch clustering
(dependency) perl-HTML-Parser 3.76-3.eln112 s390x 275.7 kB Perl module for parsing HTML
(dependency) perl-HTML-Tagset 3.20-48.eln112 noarch 18.6 kB HTML::Tagset - data tables useful in parsing HTML
(dependency) perl-HTTP-Cookies 6.10-4.eln112 noarch 72.6 kB HTTP cookie jars
(dependency) perl-HTTP-Date 6.05-7.eln112 noarch 39.6 kB Date conversion routines
(dependency) perl-HTTP-Message 6.34-1.fc36 noarch 208.3 kB HTTP style message
(dependency) perl-HTTP-Negotiate 6.01-30.eln112 noarch 27.9 kB Choose a variant to serve
(dependency) perl-HTTP-Tiny 0.080-1.fc36 noarch 150.3 kB Small, simple, correct HTTP/1.1 client
(dependency) perl-I18N-Langinfo 0.19-482.eln113 s390x 30.2 kB Query locale information
(dependency) perl-IO 1.46-482.eln113 s390x 161.4 kB Perl input/output modules
(dependency) perl-IO-Compress 2.102-479.eln112 noarch 842.9 kB Read and write compressed data
(dependency) perl-IO-HTML 1.004-4.eln112 noarch 45.4 kB Open an HTML file with automatic character set detection
(dependency) perl-IO-Socket-IP 0.41-479.eln112 noarch 97.9 kB Drop-in replacement for IO::Socket::INET supporting both IPv4 and IPv6
(dependency) perl-IO-Socket-SSL 2.072-2.eln112 noarch 601.6 kB Perl library for transparent SSL
(dependency) perl-IPC-Open3 1.21-482.eln113 noarch 24.5 kB Open a process for reading, writing, and error handling
(dependency) perl-LWP-MediaTypes 6.04-9.eln112 noarch 79.2 kB Guess media type for a file or a URL
(dependency) perl-MIME-Base64 3.16-478.eln112 s390x 42.3 kB Encoding and decoding of Base64 and quoted-printable strings
(dependency) perl-NTLM 1.09-30.eln112 noarch 31.4 kB NTLM Perl module
(dependency) perl-Net-HTTP 6.21-3.eln112 noarch 75.2 kB Low-level HTTP connection (client)
(dependency) perl-Net-SSLeay 1.90-7.eln112 s390x 1.4 MB Perl extension for using OpenSSL
(dependency) perl-POSIX 1.97-482.eln113 s390x 244.9 kB Perl interface to IEEE Std 1003.1
(dependency) perl-PathTools 3.80-478.eln112 s390x 177.5 kB PathTools Perl module (Cwd, File::Spec)
(dependency) perl-Pod-Escapes 1:1.07-478.eln112 noarch 25.2 kB Resolve POD escape sequences
(dependency) perl-Pod-Perldoc 3.28.01-479.eln112 noarch 166.9 kB Look up Perl documentation in Pod format
(dependency) perl-Pod-Simple 1:3.43-2.eln112 noarch 563.8 kB Framework for parsing POD documentation
(dependency) perl-Pod-Usage 4:2.01-478.eln112 noarch 85.1 kB Print a usage message from embedded POD documentation
(dependency) perl-Scalar-List-Utils 5:1.60-462.eln113 s390x 144.8 kB A selection of general-utility scalar and list subroutines
(dependency) perl-SelectSaver 1.02-482.eln113 noarch 3.1 kB Save and restore selected file handle
(dependency) perl-Socket 4:2.032-2.eln112 s390x 117.6 kB Networking constants and support functions
(dependency) perl-Storable 1:3.25-1.eln112 s390x 215.6 kB Persistence for Perl data structures
(dependency) perl-Symbol 1.09-482.eln113 noarch 7.8 kB Manipulate Perl symbols and their names
(dependency) perl-Term-ANSIColor 5.01-479.eln112 noarch 98.0 kB Color screen output using ANSI escape sequences
(dependency) perl-Term-Cap 1.17-478.eln112 noarch 29.2 kB Perl termcap interface
(dependency) perl-Text-ParseWords 3.30-478.eln112 noarch 12.8 kB Parse text into an array of tokens or array of arrays
(dependency) perl-Text-Tabs+Wrap 2021.0814-1.eln112 noarch 22.7 kB Expand tabs and do simple line wrapping
(dependency) perl-Thread-Queue 3.14-478.eln112 noarch 29.1 kB Thread-safe queues
(dependency) perl-Time-Local 2:1.300-478.eln112 noarch 65.8 kB Efficiently compute time from local and GMT time
(dependency) perl-TimeDate 1:2.33-6.eln112 noarch 96.8 kB A Perl module for time and date manipulation
(dependency) perl-Try-Tiny 0.31-1.eln114 noarch 67.0 kB Minimal try/catch with proper localization of [email protected]
(dependency) perl-URI 5.10-1.eln113 noarch 212.4 kB A Perl module implementing URI parsing and manipulation
(dependency) perl-WWW-RobotRules 6.02-30.eln112 noarch 24.8 kB Database of robots.txt-derived permissions
(dependency) perl-base 2.27-482.eln113 noarch 13.5 kB Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time
(dependency) perl-constant 1.33-479.eln112 noarch 26.5 kB Perl pragma to declare constants
(dependency) perl-if 0.60.900-482.eln113 noarch 6.7 kB Use a Perl module if a condition holds
(dependency) perl-interpreter 4:5.34.0-482.eln113 s390x 117.7 kB Standalone executable Perl interpreter
(dependency) perl-libnet 3.13-479.eln112 noarch 292.3 kB Perl clients for various network protocols
(dependency) perl-libs 4:5.34.0-482.eln113 s390x 8.7 MB The libraries for the perl run-time
(dependency) perl-libwww-perl 6.58-1.eln113 noarch 517.1 kB A Perl interface to the World-Wide Web
(dependency) perl-locale 1.10-482.eln113 noarch 7.2 kB Pragma to use or avoid POSIX locales for built-in operations
(dependency) perl-mro 1.25-482.eln113 s390x 42.8 kB Method resolution order
(dependency) perl-overload 1.33-482.eln113 noarch 71.2 kB Overloading Perl operations
(dependency) perl-overloading 0.02-482.eln113 noarch 5.8 kB Perl pragma to lexically control overloading
(dependency) perl-parent 1:0.238-478.eln112 noarch 9.3 kB Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time
(dependency) perl-podlators 1:4.14-478.eln112 noarch 282.0 kB Format POD source into various output formats
(dependency) perl-subs 1.04-482.eln113 noarch 3.0 kB Perl pragma to predeclare subroutine names
(dependency) perl-threads 1:2.26-448.eln112 s390x 107.1 kB Perl interpreter-based threads
(dependency) perl-threads-shared 1.62-478.eln112 s390x 79.6 kB Perl extension for sharing data structures between threads
(dependency) perl-vars 1.05-482.eln113 noarch 4.8 kB Perl pragma to predeclare global variable names
(dependency) pixman 0.40.0-4.eln112 s390x 488.7 kB Pixel manipulation library
(dependency) pkgconf 1.8.0-1.eln112 s390x 75.3 kB Package compiler and linker metadata toolkit
(dependency) pkgconf-m4 1.8.0-1.eln112 noarch 13.9 kB m4 macros for pkgconf
(dependency) pkgconf-pkg-config 1.8.0-1.eln112 s390x 988.0 B pkgconf shim to provide /usr/bin/pkg-config
(dependency) popt 1.18-6.eln112 s390x 131.0 kB C library for parsing command line parameters
(dependency) psmisc 23.4-2.eln112 s390x 664.2 kB Utilities for managing processes on your system
(dependency) publicsuffix-list-dafsa 20210518-3.eln114 noarch 67.2 kB Cross-vendor public domain suffix database in DAFSA form
(dependency) python-pip-wheel 21.3.1-1.eln113 noarch 1.2 MB The pip wheel
(dependency) python-setuptools-wheel 58.5.3-1.fc36 noarch 581.1 kB The setuptools wheel
(dependency) python3 3.10.0-4.eln114 s390x 32.2 kB Python 3.10 interpreter
(dependency) python3-charset-normalizer 2.0.8-1.eln114 noarch 239.1 kB The Real First Universal Charset Detector
(dependency) python3-createrepo_c 0.17.7-1.eln114 s390x 166.9 kB Python 3 bindings for the createrepo_c library
(dependency) python3-dateutil 1:2.8.1-7.fc35 noarch 719.9 kB Powerful extensions to the standard datetime module
(dependency) python3-dbus 1.2.18-2.eln112 s390x 493.6 kB D-Bus bindings for python3
(dependency) python3-decorator 5.1.0-1.fc36 noarch 62.7 kB Module to simplify usage of decorators in python3
(dependency) python3-devel 3.10.0-4.eln114 s390x 778.9 kB Libraries and header files needed for Python development
(dependency) python3-distro 1.6.0-1.fc35 noarch 161.0 kB Linux Distribution - a Linux OS platform information API
(dependency) python3-dnf 4.10.0-1.fc36 noarch 1.8 MB Python 3 interface to DNF
(dependency) python3-gobject-base 3.42.0-1.eln112 s390x 1.2 MB Python 3 bindings for GObject Introspection base package
(dependency) python3-gpg 1.15.1-6.eln113 s390x 1.4 MB gpgme bindings for Python 3
(dependency) python3-gssapi 1.6.14-2.fc35 s390x 1.8 MB Python 3 Bindings for GSSAPI (RFC 2743/2744 and extensions)
(dependency) python3-hawkey 0.65.0-1.fc36 s390x 305.0 kB Python 3 bindings for the hawkey library
(dependency) python3-idna 3.3-1.eln113 noarch 488.5 kB Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA)
(required) python3-imath 3.1.3-1.eln113 s390x 23.7 MB Python module for Imath
(dependency) python3-koji 1.27.0-3.eln114 noarch 1.5 MB Build system tools python library
(dependency) python3-libcomps 0.1.18-1.eln112 s390x 151.4 kB Python 3 bindings for libcomps library
(dependency) python3-libdnf 0.65.0-1.fc36 s390x 3.5 MB Python 3 bindings for the libdnf library.
(dependency) python3-libmodulemd 2.13.0-3.eln112 s390x 11.5 kB Python 3 bindings for libmodulemd
(dependency) python3-libs 3.10.0-4.eln114 s390x 31.5 MB Python runtime libraries
(dependency) python3-numpy 1:1.21.1-1.eln112 s390x 24.1 MB A fast multidimensional array facility for Python
(dependency) python3-psutil 5.8.0-12.fc36 s390x 1.1 MB A process and system utilities module for Python
(dependency) python3-pysocks 1.7.1-11.fc35 noarch 85.7 kB A Python SOCKS client module
(dependency) python3-pyyaml 6.0-1.eln113 s390x 662.9 kB YAML parser and emitter for Python
(dependency) python3-requests 2.26.0-1.eln113 noarch 397.2 kB HTTP library, written in Python, for human beings
(dependency) python3-requests-gssapi 1.2.3-3.fc35 noarch 54.4 kB A GSSAPI/SPNEGO authentication handler for python-requests
(dependency) python3-rpm 4.17.0-1.eln112.1 s390x 385.5 kB Python 3 bindings for apps which will manipulate RPM packages
(dependency) python3-setuptools 58.5.3-1.fc36 noarch 4.6 MB Easily build and distribute Python 3 packages
(dependency) python3-six 1.16.0-4.fc35 noarch 104.4 kB Python 2 and 3 compatibility utilities
(dependency) python3-tracer 0.7.8-1.eln112 noarch 309.9 kB Common files for tracer
(dependency) python3-urllib3 1.26.7-1.fc36 noarch 711.3 kB Python3 HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling and file post
(required) python3-volume_key 0.3.12-14.eln112 s390x 87.1 kB Python 3 bindings for libvolume_key
(dependency) readline 8.1-3.eln112 s390x 520.7 kB A library for editing typed command lines
(required) rootfiles 8.1-30.eln112 noarch 817.0 B The basic required files for the root user's directory
(dependency) rpm 4.17.0-1.eln112.1 s390x 2.8 MB The RPM package management system
(dependency) rpm-build-libs 4.17.0-1.eln112.1 s390x 198.2 kB Libraries for building RPM packages
(dependency) rpm-libs 4.17.0-1.eln112.1 s390x 808.6 kB Libraries for manipulating RPM packages
(dependency) rpm-sign-libs 4.17.0-1.eln112.1 s390x 39.4 kB Libraries for signing RPM packages
(dependency) ruby-libs 3.0.3-154.fc36 s390x 11.8 MB Libraries necessary to run Ruby
(required) sblim-cmpi-base 1.6.4-19.eln112 s390x 394.7 kB SBLIM CMPI Base Providers
(required) sblim-indication_helper 0.5.0-7.eln112 s390x 46.1 kB Toolkit for CMPI indication providers
(dependency) sblim-sfcCommon 1.0.1-18.eln112 s390x 40.4 kB Common functions for SBLIM Small Footprint CIM Broker and CIM Client Library.
(required) sblim-sfcb 1.4.9-24.eln112 s390x 1.9 MB Small Footprint CIM Broker
(dependency) sblim-sfcc 2.2.8-17.eln112 s390x 214.7 kB Small Footprint CIM Client Library
(required) sblim-sfcc-devel 2.2.8-17.eln112 s390x 141.4 kB Small Footprint CIM Client Library
(required) sblim-wbemcli 1.6.3-20.eln112 s390x 351.0 kB SBLIM WBEM Command Line Interface
(dependency) sed 4.8-8.eln112 s390x 802.1 kB A GNU stream text editor
(dependency) setup noarch 718.8 kB A set of system configuration and setup files
(dependency) shadow-utils 2:4.9-8.eln114 s390x 3.7 MB Utilities for managing accounts and shadow password files
(dependency) shared-mime-info 2.1-3.eln112 s390x 4.9 MB Shared MIME information database
(dependency) sqlite-libs 3.36.0-4.eln112 s390x 1.4 MB Shared library for the sqlite3 embeddable SQL database engine.
(dependency) startup-notification 0.12-22.eln112 s390x 93.9 kB Library for tracking application startup
(required) symlinks 1.7-5.eln112 s390x 17.7 kB A utility which maintains a system's symbolic links
(dependency) systemd 249.7-2.fc36 s390x 13.0 MB System and Service Manager
(dependency) systemd-libs 249.7-2.fc36 s390x 1.6 MB systemd libraries
(dependency) systemd-pam 249.7-2.fc36 s390x 931.4 kB systemd PAM module
(required) tesseract 4.1.3-1.eln114 s390x 3.3 MB Raw OCR Engine
(required) tesseract-devel 4.1.3-1.eln114 s390x 229.7 kB Development files for tesseract
(required) tesseract-langpack-eng 4.1.0-2.eln112 noarch 3.9 MB English language data for tesseract-tessdata
(required) tesseract-tessdata-doc 4.1.0-2.eln112 noarch 15.0 kB Documentation for tesseract-tessdata
(required) tmpwatch 2.11-18.eln112 s390x 61.6 kB A utility for removing files based on when they were last accessed
(dependency) tpm2-tss 3.1.0-4.eln112 s390x 2.0 MB TPM2.0 Software Stack
(dependency) tracer-common 0.7.8-1.eln112 noarch 33.2 kB Common files for tracer
(dependency) tzdata 2021e-1.eln114 noarch 1.7 MB Timezone data
(dependency) urw-base35-bookman-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 1.4 MB URW Bookman font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(dependency) urw-base35-c059-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 1.4 MB C059 font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(dependency) urw-base35-d050000l-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 84.3 kB D050000L font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(dependency) urw-base35-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 5.3 kB Core Font Set containing 35 freely distributable fonts from (URW)++
(dependency) urw-base35-fonts-common 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 37.4 kB Common files of the (URW)++ Level 2 Core Font Set
(dependency) urw-base35-gothic-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 1.2 MB URW Gothic font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(dependency) urw-base35-nimbus-mono-ps-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 1.0 MB Nimbus Mono PS font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(dependency) urw-base35-nimbus-roman-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 1.4 MB Nimbus Roman font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(dependency) urw-base35-nimbus-sans-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 2.4 MB Nimbus Sans font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(dependency) urw-base35-p052-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 1.5 MB P052 font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(dependency) urw-base35-standard-symbols-ps-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 44.2 kB Standard Symbols PS font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(dependency) urw-base35-z003-fonts 20200910-9.eln112 noarch 390.8 kB Z003 font family [part of Level 2 Core Font Set]
(required) usermode 1.114-3.eln112 s390x 831.1 kB Tools for certain user account management tasks
(required) usermode-gtk 1.114-3.eln112 s390x 225.2 kB Graphical tools for certain user account management tasks
(dependency) util-linux 2.37.2-1.eln112 s390x 10.3 MB Collection of basic system utilities
(dependency) util-linux-core 2.37.2-1.eln112 s390x 1.1 MB The most essential utilities from the util-linux suite.
(required) uuid 1.6.2-52.eln112 s390x 124.4 kB Universally Unique Identifier library
(required) uuid-devel 1.6.2-52.eln112 s390x 21.5 kB Development support for Universally Unique Identifier library
(required) volume_key 0.3.12-14.eln112 s390x 159.0 kB An utility for manipulating storage encryption keys and passphrases
(required) volume_key-devel 0.3.12-14.eln112 s390x 14.6 kB A library for manipulating storage encryption keys and passphrases
(required) volume_key-libs 0.3.12-14.eln112 s390x 698.2 kB A library for manipulating storage encryption keys and passphrases
(required) watchdog 5.16-2.eln113 s390x 168.3 kB Software and/or Hardware watchdog daemon
(dependency) wayland-devel 1.19.0-2.eln112 s390x 602.4 kB Development files for wayland
(dependency) wget 1.21.2-2.fc36 s390x 3.2 MB A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols
(required) which 2.21-31.eln114 s390x 84.2 kB Displays where a particular program in your path is located
(required) wsmancli 2.6.0-15.eln112 s390x 78.9 kB WS-Management-Command line Interface
(dependency) xcb-util 0.4.0-18.eln112 s390x 25.8 kB Convenience libraries sitting on top of libxcb
(dependency) xml-common 0.6.3-57.eln112 noarch 78.4 kB Common XML catalog and DTD files
(dependency) xorg-x11-proto-devel 2021.5-1.eln112 noarch 1.7 MB X.Org X11 Protocol headers
(dependency) xz-libs 5.2.5-7.eln112 s390x 176.9 kB Libraries for decoding LZMA compression
(dependency) zchunk-libs 1.1.15-3.eln112 s390x 88.5 kB Zchunk library
(dependency) zlib 1.2.11-30.eln112 s390x 207.1 kB Compression and decompression library
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