Configs of Environments

Name File Name Maintainer
CentOS Stream 8 minimal microdnf env. c8s-minimal-base-microdnf.yaml james
Fedora Container Base Image fedora-container-base.yaml asamalik
Minimal Base 2 with dnf minimal-base-2-dnf.yaml asamalik
Minimal Base 2 with microdnf minimal-base-2-microdnf.yaml asamalik
Automotive CentOS Stream package manifest. automotive-c8s-package-manifest.yaml rajeshsriva
Empty installroot fedora-empty-base-minimization.yaml asamalik
Minimal Base 2 (distroless) minimal-langpack-base-2.yaml asamalik
ELN Environment fedora-empty-base.yaml asamalik
CentOS Stream 8 minimal DNF env. c8s-minimal-base-dnf.yaml james
CentOS Stream 9 Environment c9s-base.yaml asamalik
Automotive CentOS Stream EPEL Test package manifest. automotive-c8s-test-package-manifest.yaml tdawson
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