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in ELN Environment from Fedora ELN (backed by rawhide) for s390x

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Why Name Epoch:Version-Release Arch Size Summary
(dependency) alternatives 1.19-2.fc36 s390x 62.2 kB A tool to maintain symbolic links determining default commands
(dependency) audit-libs 3.0.8-1.fc37 s390x 302.6 kB Dynamic library for libaudit
(dependency) basesystem 11-13.fc36 noarch 0.0 B The skeleton package which defines a simple Fedora system
(dependency) bash 5.1.16-2.fc36 s390x 7.4 MB The GNU Bourne Again shell
(dependency) bzip2-libs 1.0.8-11.fc36 s390x 84.8 kB Libraries for applications using bzip2
(dependency) ca-certificates 2021.2.52-3.fc36 noarch 950.8 kB The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle
(dependency) coreutils 9.1-2.eln117 s390x 5.7 MB A set of basic GNU tools commonly used in shell scripts
(dependency) coreutils-common 9.1-2.eln117 s390x 10.8 MB coreutils common optional components
(dependency) crypto-policies 20220427-1.gitb2323a1.eln118 noarch 82.5 kB System-wide crypto policies
(dependency) dbus 1:1.14.0-1.fc37 s390x 0.0 B D-BUS message bus
(dependency) dbus-broker 31-1.eln118 s390x 387.0 kB Linux D-Bus Message Broker
(dependency) dbus-common 1:1.14.0-1.fc37 noarch 11.3 kB D-BUS message bus configuration
(dependency) diffutils 3.8-2.fc36 s390x 1.5 MB GNU collection of diff utilities
(dependency) expat 2.4.8-1.fc37 s390x 294.7 kB An XML parser library
(env) fedora-gpg-keys 37-0.1 noarch 117.3 kB Fedora RPM keys
(env) fedora-release-common 37-0.5.eln117 noarch 17.7 kB Fedora release files
(env) fedora-release-eln 37-0.5.eln117 noarch 0.0 B Base package for Fedora ELN specific default configurations
(env) fedora-release-identity-eln 37-0.5.eln117 noarch 1.4 kB Package providing the identity for Fedora ELN
(env) fedora-repos 37-0.1 noarch 4.5 kB Fedora package repositories
(env) fedora-repos-eln 37-0.1 noarch 3.3 kB ELN repo definitions
(env) fedora-repos-rawhide 37-0.1 noarch 2.2 kB Rawhide repo definitions
(dependency) filesystem 3.16-2.fc36 s390x 106.0 B The basic directory layout for a Linux system
(dependency) glibc 2.35.9000-18.eln118 s390x 5.4 MB The GNU libc libraries
(dependency) glibc-all-langpacks 2.35.9000-18.eln118 s390x 217.8 MB All language packs for glibc.
(dependency) glibc-common 2.35.9000-18.eln118 s390x 1.1 MB Common binaries and locale data for glibc
(dependency) gmp 1:6.2.1-2.fc36 s390x 701.9 kB GNU arbitrary precision library
(dependency) grep 3.7-2.fc36 s390x 870.0 kB Pattern matching utilities
(dependency) kmod-libs 29-7.fc36 s390x 139.7 kB Libraries to handle kernel module loading and unloading
(required) ksh 3:1.0.0~beta.2-1.fc37 s390x 3.1 MB The Original ATT Korn Shell
(dependency) libacl 2.3.1-3.fc36 s390x 40.1 kB Dynamic library for access control list support
(dependency) libattr 2.5.1-4.fc36 s390x 28.6 kB Dynamic library for extended attribute support
(dependency) libblkid 2.38-3.eln116 s390x 237.4 kB Block device ID library
(dependency) libcap 2.48-4.fc36 s390x 180.8 kB Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities
(dependency) libcap-ng 0.8.3-1.fc37 s390x 76.4 kB Alternate posix capabilities library
(dependency) libeconf 0.4.0-3.eln116 s390x 49.1 kB Enhanced config file parser library
(dependency) libfdisk 2.38-3.eln116 s390x 387.1 kB Partitioning library for fdisk-like programs
(dependency) libffi 3.4.2-8.eln116 s390x 64.6 kB A portable foreign function interface library
(dependency) libgcc 12.1.1-1.fc37 s390x 161.0 kB GCC version 12 shared support library
(dependency) libgcrypt 1.10.1-2.eln116 s390x 1.0 MB A general-purpose cryptography library
(dependency) libgpg-error 1.45-1.eln116 s390x 878.4 kB Library for error values used by GnuPG components
(dependency) libmount 2.38-3.eln116 s390x 324.0 kB Device mounting library
(dependency) libseccomp 2.5.3-2.eln116 s390x 179.3 kB Enhanced seccomp library
(dependency) libselinux 3.4-0.rc3.1.eln118 s390x 185.7 kB SELinux library and simple utilities
(dependency) libsemanage 3.4-0.rc3.1.eln118 s390x 301.0 kB SELinux binary policy manipulation library
(dependency) libsepol 3.4-0.rc3.1.eln118 s390x 794.3 kB SELinux binary policy manipulation library
(dependency) libsmartcols 2.38-3.eln116 s390x 144.7 kB Formatting library for ls-like programs
(dependency) libtasn1 4.18.0-2.eln116 s390x 187.6 kB The ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS
(dependency) libuuid 2.38-3.eln116 s390x 33.6 kB Universally unique ID library
(dependency) libxcrypt 4.4.28-1.eln116 s390x 273.0 kB Extended crypt library for descrypt, md5crypt, bcrypt, and others
(dependency) libzstd 1.5.2-1.eln116 s390x 752.8 kB Zstd shared library
(dependency) lz4-libs 1.9.3-4.eln116 s390x 146.0 kB Libaries for lz4
(dependency) ncurses-base 6.3-2.20220501.eln118 noarch 304.6 kB Descriptions of common terminals
(dependency) ncurses-libs 6.3-2.20220501.eln118 s390x 1.0 MB Ncurses libraries
(dependency) openssl-libs 1:3.0.2-4.eln117 s390x 5.7 MB A general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation
(dependency) p11-kit 0.24.1-2.eln116 s390x 1.7 MB Library for loading and sharing PKCS#11 modules
(dependency) p11-kit-trust 0.24.1-2.eln116 s390x 440.6 kB System trust module from p11-kit
(dependency) pam-libs 1.5.2-12.eln116 s390x 135.4 kB Shared libraries of the PAM package
(dependency) pcre 8.45-1.eln116.1 s390x 337.0 kB Perl-compatible regular expression library
(dependency) pcre2 10.40-1.eln117 s390x 650.3 kB Perl-compatible regular expression library
(dependency) pcre2-syntax 10.40-1.eln117 noarch 228.8 kB Documentation for PCRE2 regular expressions
(dependency) sed 4.8-10.eln116 s390x 801.8 kB A GNU stream text editor
(dependency) setup 2.13.10-1.eln118 noarch 719.0 kB A set of system configuration and setup files
(dependency) shadow-utils 2:4.11.1-2.eln116 s390x 3.7 MB Utilities for managing accounts and shadow password files
(dependency) systemd 251~rc3-1.eln118 s390x 14.3 MB System and Service Manager
(dependency) systemd-libs 251~rc3-1.eln118 s390x 1.7 MB systemd libraries
(dependency) systemd-pam 251~rc3-1.eln118 s390x 972.8 kB systemd PAM module
(required) tcsh 6.24.01-1.eln118 s390x 1.3 MB An enhanced version of csh, the C shell
(dependency) tzdata 2022a-1.eln116 noarch 1.7 MB Timezone data
(dependency) util-linux-core 2.38-3.eln116 s390x 1.3 MB The most essential utilities from the util-linux suite
(dependency) xz-libs 5.2.5-9.eln117 s390x 185.1 kB Libraries for decoding LZMA compression
(dependency) zlib 1.2.11-31.eln116 s390x 211.3 kB Compression and decompression library
(required) zsh 5.9-1.eln118 s390x 8.1 MB Powerful interactive shell
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