Network debugging tools workload
in ELN Environment from Fedora ELN (backed by rawhide) for s390x

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Why Name Epoch:Version-Release Arch Size Summary
(dependency) acl 2.2.53-9.eln103 s390x 202.3 kB Access control list utilities
(dependency) alsa-lib 1.2.4-4.eln104 s390x 1.6 MB The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) library
(dependency) alternatives 1.14-3.eln103 s390x 57.5 kB A tool to maintain symbolic links determining default commands
(dependency) audit-libs 3.0-0.21.20191104git1c2f876.eln103 s390x 310.7 kB Dynamic library for libaudit
(dependency) avahi-libs 0.8-6.eln104 s390x 170.2 kB Libraries for avahi run-time use
(dependency) basesystem 11-10.eln103 noarch 0.0 B The skeleton package which defines a simple Fedora system
(dependency) bash 5.0.17-2.eln103 s390x 7.6 MB The GNU Bourne Again shell
(dependency) bzip2-libs 1.0.8-4.eln103 s390x 80.5 kB Libraries for applications using bzip2
(dependency) c-ares 1.17.0-1.eln105 s390x 263.9 kB A library that performs asynchronous DNS operations
(dependency) ca-certificates 2020.2.41-4.eln103 noarch 936.4 kB The Mozilla CA root certificate bundle
(dependency) cairo 1.16.0-9.eln103 s390x 1.9 MB A 2D graphics library
(dependency) cairo-gobject 1.16.0-9.eln103 s390x 35.2 kB GObject bindings for cairo
(dependency) cdparanoia-libs 10.2-35.eln105 s390x 152.5 kB Libraries for libcdda_paranoia (Paranoia III)
(dependency) coreutils 8.32-14.eln105 s390x 6.4 MB A set of basic GNU tools commonly used in shell scripts
(dependency) coreutils-common 8.32-14.eln105 s390x 10.4 MB coreutils common optional components
(dependency) cracklib 2.9.6-24.eln103 s390x 220.0 kB A password-checking library
(dependency) crypto-policies 20200918-1.git85dccc5.eln103 noarch 83.2 kB System-wide crypto policies
(dependency) crypto-policies-scripts 20200918-1.git85dccc5.eln103 noarch 138.5 kB Tool to switch between crypto policies
(dependency) cryptsetup-libs 2.3.4-1.eln103 s390x 2.0 MB Cryptsetup shared library
(dependency) cups-libs 1:2.3.3-19.eln105 s390x 765.6 kB CUPS printing system - libraries
(dependency) cyrus-sasl-lib 2.1.27-6.eln103 s390x 705.7 kB Shared libraries needed by applications which use Cyrus SASL
(dependency) dbus 1:1.12.20-2.eln103 s390x 0.0 B D-BUS message bus
(dependency) dbus-broker 24-1.eln103 s390x 401.9 kB Linux D-Bus Message Broker
(dependency) dbus-common 1:1.12.20-2.eln103 noarch 11.2 kB D-BUS message bus configuration
(dependency) dbus-libs 1:1.12.20-2.eln103 s390x 427.6 kB Libraries for accessing D-BUS
(dependency) dejavu-sans-fonts 2.37-15.eln103 noarch 5.7 MB DejaVu Sans, a variable-width sans-serif font family
(dependency) desktop-file-utils 0.26-2.eln103 s390x 241.2 kB Utilities for manipulating .desktop files
(dependency) device-mapper 9:1.02.173-1.eln103 s390x 374.7 kB Device mapper utility
(dependency) device-mapper-libs 9:1.02.173-1.eln103 s390x 496.1 kB Device-mapper shared library
(dependency) elfutils-default-yama-scope 0.182-1.eln105 noarch 1.8 kB Default yama attach scope sysctl setting
(dependency) elfutils-libelf 0.182-1.eln105 s390x 943.6 kB Library to read and write ELF files
(dependency) elfutils-libs 0.182-1.eln105 s390x 763.9 kB Libraries to handle compiled objects
(dependency) emacs-filesystem 1:27.1-2.eln103 noarch 0.0 B Emacs filesystem layout
(dependency) expat 2.2.10-1.eln105 s390x 335.7 kB An XML parser library
(dependency) fdk-aac-free 2.0.0-5.eln103 s390x 691.8 kB Third-Party Modified Version of the Fraunhofer FDK AAC Codec Library for Android
(env) fedora-gpg-keys 34-0.8.eln104 noarch 110.0 kB Fedora RPM keys
(env) fedora-release-common 34-0.9.eln105 noarch 15.3 kB Fedora release files
(env) fedora-release-eln 34-0.9.eln105 noarch 0.0 B Base package for Fedora ELN specific default configurations
(env) fedora-release-identity-eln 34-0.9.eln105 noarch 1.4 kB Package providing the identity for Fedora ELN
(env) fedora-repos 34-0.8.eln104 noarch 4.5 kB Fedora package repositories
(env) fedora-repos-eln 34-0.8.eln104 noarch 3.2 kB ELN repo definitions
(env) fedora-repos-rawhide 34-0.8.eln104 noarch 2.0 kB Rawhide repo definitions
(dependency) filesystem 3.14-4.eln105 s390x 106.0 B The basic directory layout for a Linux system
(dependency) flac-libs 1.3.3-3.eln103 s390x 509.1 kB Libraries for the Free Lossless Audio Codec
(dependency) fontconfig 2.13.93-2.eln105 s390x 840.3 kB Font configuration and customization library
(dependency) fonts-filesystem 1:2.0.5-4.eln103 noarch 0.0 B Directories used by font packages
(dependency) freetype 2.10.4-1.eln104 s390x 983.3 kB A free and portable font rendering engine
(dependency) fribidi 1.0.10-3.eln103 s390x 330.5 kB Library implementing the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm
(dependency) gawk 5.1.0-2.eln103 s390x 1.6 MB The GNU version of the AWK text processing utility
(dependency) gdbm-libs 1:1.18.1-5.eln103 s390x 117.1 kB Libraries files for gdbm
(dependency) gdk-pixbuf2 2.40.0-3.eln103 s390x 2.5 MB An image loading library
(dependency) glib-networking 2.66.0-1.eln103 s390x 566.8 kB Networking support for GLib
(dependency) glib2 2.67.0-5.eln105 s390x 13.2 MB A library of handy utility functions
(dependency) glibc 2.32.9000-17.eln105 s390x 14.6 MB The GNU libc libraries
(dependency) glibc-common 2.32.9000-17.eln105 s390x 7.8 MB Common binaries and locale data for glibc
(dependency) glibc-minimal-langpack 2.32.9000-17.eln105 s390x 0.0 B Minimal language packs for glibc.
(dependency) glx-utils 8.4.0-8.20181118git1830dcb.eln103 s390x 162.7 kB GLX utilities
(dependency) gmp 1:6.2.0-5.eln103 s390x 717.6 kB A GNU arbitrary precision library
(dependency) gnupg2 2.2.25-2.eln105 s390x 9.4 MB Utility for secure communication and data storage
(dependency) gnutls 3.6.15-2.eln103 s390x 2.9 MB A TLS protocol implementation
(dependency) gpgme 1.14.0-2.eln103 s390x 620.0 kB GnuPG Made Easy - high level crypto API
(dependency) graphene 1.10.2-5.eln103 s390x 214.6 kB Thin layer of types for graphic libraries
(dependency) graphite2 1.3.14-6.eln103 s390x 219.7 kB Font rendering capabilities for complex non-Roman writing systems
(dependency) grep 3.6-1.eln105 s390x 869.1 kB Pattern matching utilities
(dependency) gsettings-desktop-schemas 3.38.0-2.eln107 s390x 4.4 MB A collection of GSettings schemas
(dependency) gsm 1.0.19-3.eln103 s390x 59.6 kB Shared libraries for GSM speech compressor
(dependency) gssdp 1.2.3-2.eln103 s390x 148.9 kB Resource discovery and announcement over SSDP
(dependency) gstreamer1 1.18.1-1.eln105 s390x 4.8 MB GStreamer streaming media framework runtime
(dependency) gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free 1.18.1-1.eln105 s390x 8.1 MB GStreamer streaming media framework "bad" plugins
(dependency) gstreamer1-plugins-base 1.18.1-1.eln105 s390x 7.0 MB GStreamer streaming media framework base plugins
(dependency) gupnp 1.2.4-1.eln103 s390x 303.2 kB A framework for creating UPnP devices & control points
(dependency) gupnp-igd 1.2.0-1.eln103 s390x 68.0 kB Library to handle UPnP IGD port mapping
(dependency) gzip 1.10-3.eln103 s390x 368.7 kB The GNU data compression program
(dependency) harfbuzz 2.7.2-1.eln103 s390x 1.7 MB Text shaping library
(dependency) hicolor-icon-theme 0.17-9.eln103 noarch 72.2 kB Basic requirement for icon themes
(required) iperf3 3.9-5.eln105 s390x 272.4 kB Measurement tool for TCP/UDP bandwidth performance
(dependency) iptables-libs 1.8.6-5.eln105 s390x 1.5 MB iptables libraries
(dependency) iso-codes 4.5.0-2.eln103 noarch 18.5 MB ISO code lists and translations
(dependency) json-c 0.14-6.eln102 s390x 83.8 kB JSON implementation in C
(dependency) kbd 2.3.0-4.eln105 s390x 1.4 MB Tools for configuring the console (keyboard, virtual terminals, etc.)
(dependency) kbd-misc 2.3.0-4.eln105 noarch 2.5 MB Data for kbd package
(dependency) keyutils-libs 1.6-5.eln103 s390x 50.0 kB Key utilities library
(dependency) kmod 27-3.eln103 s390x 267.5 kB Linux kernel module management utilities
(dependency) kmod-libs 27-3.eln103 s390x 134.7 kB Libraries to handle kernel module loading and unloading
(dependency) krb5-libs 1.18.3-4.eln105 s390x 2.3 MB The non-admin shared libraries used by Kerberos 5
(dependency) ladspa 1.13-25.eln103 s390x 117.4 kB Linux Audio Developer's Simple Plug-in API, examples and tools
(dependency) langpacks-core-font-en 3.0-5.eln103 noarch 351.0 B English core font meta-package
(dependency) lcms2 2.11-2.eln103 s390x 445.9 kB Color Management Engine
(dependency) libICE 1.0.10-5.eln105 s390x 182.7 kB X.Org X11 ICE runtime library
(dependency) libSM 1.2.3-7.eln105 s390x 92.8 kB X.Org X11 SM runtime library
(dependency) libX11 1.7.0-2.eln105 s390x 1.4 MB Core X11 protocol client library
(dependency) libX11-common 1.7.0-2.eln105 noarch 1.3 MB Common data for libX11
(dependency) libX11-xcb 1.7.0-2.eln105 s390x 7.0 kB XCB interop for libX11
(dependency) libXau 1.0.9-5.eln105 s390x 59.1 kB Sample Authorization Protocol for X
(dependency) libXdamage 1.1.5-4.eln105 s390x 32.2 kB X Damage extension library
(dependency) libXext 1.3.4-5.eln105 s390x 109.5 kB X.Org X11 libXext runtime library
(dependency) libXfixes 5.0.3-13.eln105 s390x 26.6 kB X Fixes library
(dependency) libXft 2.3.3-5.eln105 s390x 156.6 kB X.Org X11 libXft runtime library
(dependency) libXi 1.7.10-5.eln105 s390x 93.0 kB X.Org X11 libXi runtime library
(dependency) libXrender 0.9.10-13.eln105 s390x 46.0 kB X.Org X11 libXrender runtime library
(dependency) libXtst 1.2.3-12.eln103 s390x 37.5 kB X.Org X11 libXtst runtime library
(dependency) libXv 1.0.11-13.eln105 s390x 26.0 kB X.Org X11 libXv runtime library
(dependency) libXxf86vm 1.1.4-15.eln105 s390x 25.4 kB X.Org X11 libXxf86vm runtime library
(dependency) libacl 2.2.53-9.eln103 s390x 39.8 kB Dynamic library for access control list support
(dependency) libaom 2.0.0-3.eln103 s390x 2.8 MB Library files for aom
(dependency) libargon2 20171227-5.eln103 s390x 53.0 kB The password-hashing library
(dependency) libassuan 2.5.4-1.eln105 s390x 166.0 kB GnuPG IPC library
(dependency) libasyncns 0.8-19.eln103 s390x 55.1 kB Asynchronous Name Service Library
(dependency) libattr 2.4.48-10.eln103 s390x 24.4 kB Dynamic library for extended attribute support
(dependency) libblkid 2.36.1-2.eln105 s390x 260.1 kB Block device ID library
(dependency) libbrotli 1.0.9-3.eln103 s390x 808.4 kB Library for brotli lossless compression algorithm
(dependency) libcap 2.44-1.eln104 s390x 139.6 kB Library for getting and setting POSIX.1e capabilities
(dependency) libcap-ng 0.8.1-2.eln105 s390x 60.6 kB An alternate posix capabilities library
(dependency) libcbor 0.7.0-2.eln103 s390x 101.3 kB A CBOR parsing library
(dependency) libcom_err 1.45.6-4.eln103 s390x 58.7 kB Common error description library
(dependency) libcurl 7.73.0-2.eln104 s390x 768.0 kB A library for getting files from web servers
(dependency) libdatrie 0.2.9-13.eln104 s390x 53.6 kB Implementation of Double-Array structure for representing trie
(dependency) libdb 5.3.28-45.eln107 s390x 1.9 MB The Berkeley DB database library for C
(dependency) libdrm 2.4.103-1.eln105 s390x 262.3 kB Direct Rendering Manager runtime library
(dependency) libdvdnav 6.1.0-1.eln104.1 s390x 128.3 kB A library for reading DVD video discs based on Ogle code
(dependency) libdvdread 6.1.1-1.eln104 s390x 165.1 kB A library for reading DVD video discs based on Ogle code
(dependency) libeconf 0.3.8-4.eln103 s390x 39.7 kB Enhanced config file parser library
(dependency) libevdev 1.10.0-1.eln105 s390x 117.2 kB Kernel Evdev Device Wrapper Library
(dependency) libevent 2.1.12-2.eln104 s390x 1003.8 kB Abstract asynchronous event notification library
(dependency) libfdisk 2.36.1-2.eln105 s390x 390.1 kB Partitioning library for fdisk-like programs.
(dependency) libffi 3.1-27.eln107 s390x 55.4 kB A portable foreign function interface library
(dependency) libfido2 1.5.0-3.eln105 s390x 174.0 kB FIDO2 library
(dependency) libgcc 10.2.1-6.eln104 s390x 173.0 kB GCC version 10 shared support library
(dependency) libgcrypt 1.8.7-1.eln105 s390x 1014.1 kB A general-purpose cryptography library
(dependency) libglvnd 1:1.3.2-2.eln103 s390x 896.5 kB The GL Vendor-Neutral Dispatch library
(dependency) libglvnd-egl 1:1.3.2-2.eln103 s390x 85.3 kB EGL support for libglvnd
(dependency) libglvnd-glx 1:1.3.2-2.eln103 s390x 807.5 kB GLX support for libglvnd
(dependency) libgpg-error 1.39-1.eln105 s390x 786.4 kB Library for error values used by GnuPG components
(dependency) libgudev 234-1.eln103 s390x 87.0 kB GObject-based wrapper library for libudev
(dependency) libibverbs-core 32.0-1.eln105 s390x 157.4 kB The main libibverbs library
(dependency) libicu 67.1-4.eln103 s390x 32.9 MB International Components for Unicode - libraries
(dependency) libidn2 2.3.0-4.eln103 s390x 243.2 kB Library to support IDNA2008 internationalized domain names
(dependency) libinput 1.16.4-1.eln105 s390x 505.6 kB Input device library
(dependency) libjpeg-turbo 2.0.5-5.eln103 s390x 487.9 kB A MMX/SSE2/SIMD accelerated library for manipulating JPEG image files
(dependency) libksba 1.5.0-1.eln105 s390x 411.0 kB CMS and X.509 library
(dependency) liblrdf 0.5.0-20.eln103 s390x 56.6 kB Library for manipulating RDF files describing LADSPA plugins
(dependency) libmetalink 0.1.3-13.eln103 s390x 77.3 kB Metalink library written in C
(dependency) libmicrodns 0.1.2-2.eln103 s390x 56.8 kB Minimal mDNS resolver library
(dependency) libmnl 1.0.4-12.eln103 s390x 50.4 kB A minimalistic Netlink library
(dependency) libmount 2.36.1-2.eln105 s390x 378.0 kB Device mounting library
(dependency) libnetfilter_conntrack 1.0.7-5.eln103 s390x 152.3 kB Netfilter conntrack userspace library
(dependency) libnfnetlink 1.0.1-18.eln103 s390x 49.7 kB Netfilter netlink userspace library
(dependency) libnghttp2 1.42.0-1.eln105 s390x 182.4 kB A library implementing the HTTP/2 protocol
(dependency) libnice 0.1.17-3.eln103 s390x 542.4 kB GLib ICE implementation
(dependency) libnl3 3.5.0-5.eln103 s390x 1000.5 kB Convenience library for kernel netlink sockets
(dependency) libnsl2 1.3.0-1.eln103 s390x 135.5 kB Public client interface library for NIS(YP) and NIS+
(dependency) libogg 2:1.3.4-3.eln103 s390x 48.7 kB The Ogg bitstream file format library
(dependency) libopenmpt 0.5.3-1.eln105 s390x 1.3 MB C/C++ library to decode tracker music module (MOD) files
(required) libpcap 14:1.9.1-6.eln104 s390x 441.3 kB A system-independent interface for user-level packet capture
(dependency) libpng 2:1.6.37-6.eln105 s390x 273.1 kB A library of functions for manipulating PNG image format files
(dependency) libproxy 0.4.15-29.eln105 s390x 152.7 kB A library handling all the details of proxy configuration
(dependency) libpsl 0.21.1-2.eln103 s390x 68.5 kB C library for the Publix Suffix List
(dependency) libpwquality 1.4.4-1.eln104 s390x 396.6 kB A library for password generation and password quality checking
(dependency) librsvg2 2.50.2-1.eln105 s390x 13.4 MB An SVG library based on cairo
(dependency) libseccomp 2.5.0-3.eln103 s390x 194.1 kB Enhanced seccomp library
(dependency) libselinux 3.1-5.eln105 s390x 212.0 kB SELinux library and simple utilities
(dependency) libsemanage 3.1-5.eln105 s390x 333.2 kB SELinux binary policy manipulation library
(dependency) libsepol 3.1-5.eln105 s390x 836.8 kB SELinux binary policy manipulation library
(dependency) libsigsegv 2.11-11.eln103 s390x 43.9 kB Library for handling page faults in user mode
(dependency) libsmartcols 2.36.1-2.eln105 s390x 146.9 kB Formatting library for ls-like programs.
(dependency) libsmi 0.4.8-27.eln103 s390x 16.4 MB A library to access SMI MIB information
(dependency) libsndfile 1.0.28-13.eln103 s390x 606.8 kB Library for reading and writing sound files
(dependency) libsoup 2.72.0-3.eln103 s390x 1.3 MB Soup, an HTTP library implementation
(dependency) libsrtp 2.3.0-4.eln104 s390x 124.5 kB An implementation of the Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
(dependency) libssh 0.9.5-1.eln103 s390x 561.2 kB A library implementing the SSH protocol
(dependency) libssh-config 0.9.5-1.eln103 noarch 277.0 B Configuration files for libssh
(dependency) libstdc++ 10.2.1-6.eln104 s390x 2.5 MB GNU Standard C++ Library
(dependency) libtasn1 4.16.0-3.eln103 s390x 187.0 kB The ASN.1 library used in GNUTLS
(dependency) libthai 0.1.28-5.eln103 s390x 764.2 kB Thai language support routines
(dependency) libtheora 1:1.1.1-28.eln103 s390x 512.9 kB Theora Video Compression Codec
(dependency) libtirpc 1.2.6-2.rc4.eln103 s390x 218.6 kB Transport Independent RPC Library
(dependency) libunistring 0.9.10-9.eln103 s390x 1.6 MB GNU Unicode string library
(dependency) libunwind 1.4.0-4.eln103 s390x 155.6 kB An unwinding library
(dependency) libusbx 1.0.23-2.eln103 s390x 169.9 kB Library for accessing USB devices
(dependency) libutempter 1.2.1-3.eln103 s390x 48.7 kB A privileged helper for utmp/wtmp updates
(dependency) libuuid 2.36.1-2.eln105 s390x 33.4 kB Universally unique ID library
(dependency) libverto 0.3.0-11.eln104 s390x 26.8 kB Main loop abstraction library
(dependency) libvisual 1:0.4.0-29.eln103 s390x 442.5 kB Abstraction library for audio visualisation plugins
(dependency) libvorbis 1:1.3.7-2.eln103 s390x 881.9 kB The Vorbis General Audio Compression Codec
(dependency) libwacom 1.6-2.eln105 s390x 70.6 kB Tablet Information Client Library
(dependency) libwacom-data 1.6-2.eln105 noarch 492.0 kB Tablet Information Client Library Data Files
(dependency) libwayland-client 1.18.0-2.eln103 s390x 81.9 kB Wayland client library
(dependency) libwayland-cursor 1.18.0-2.eln103 s390x 33.0 kB Wayland cursor library
(dependency) libwayland-egl 1.18.0-2.eln103 s390x 8.5 kB Wayland egl library
(dependency) libwayland-server 1.18.0-2.eln103 s390x 98.2 kB Wayland server library
(dependency) libwebp 1.1.0-5.eln103 s390x 663.7 kB Library and tools for the WebP graphics format
(dependency) libxcb 1.13.1-6.eln105 s390x 1.0 MB A C binding to the X11 protocol
(dependency) libxcrypt 4.4.17-1.eln103 s390x 283.8 kB Extended crypt library for descrypt, md5crypt, bcrypt, and others
(dependency) libxkbcommon 1.0.3-1.eln105 s390x 351.0 kB X.Org X11 XKB parsing library
(dependency) libxkbcommon-x11 1.0.3-1.eln105 s390x 35.4 kB X.Org X11 XKB keymap creation library
(dependency) libxml2 2.9.10-9.eln105 s390x 2.1 MB Library providing XML and HTML support
(dependency) libxshmfence 1.3-7.eln103 s390x 11.3 kB X11 shared memory fences
(dependency) libxslt 1.1.34-4.eln103 s390x 787.9 kB Library providing the Gnome XSLT engine
(dependency) libzstd 1.4.5-6.eln103 s390x 782.0 kB Zstd shared library
(dependency) lksctp-tools 1.0.18-7.eln103 s390x 254.7 kB User-space access to Linux Kernel SCTP
(dependency) lz4-libs 1.9.1-3.eln103 s390x 129.5 kB Libaries for lz4
(dependency) mesa-libEGL 20.3.0~rc3-2.eln105 s390x 321.7 kB Mesa libEGL runtime libraries
(dependency) mesa-libGL 20.3.0~rc3-2.eln105 s390x 617.2 kB Mesa libGL runtime libraries
(dependency) mesa-libgbm 20.3.0~rc3-2.eln105 s390x 64.7 kB Mesa gbm runtime library
(dependency) mesa-libglapi 20.3.0~rc3-2.eln105 s390x 438.5 kB Mesa shared glapi
(dependency) mpfr 4.1.0-2.eln103 s390x 650.9 kB A C library for multiple-precision floating-point computations
(dependency) mpg123-libs 1.26.2-2.eln103 s390x 820.4 kB Real time MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 audio player/decoder for layers 1, 2 and 3
(dependency) mtdev 1.1.5-19.eln105 s390x 25.2 kB Multitouch Protocol Translation Library
(dependency) ncurses-base 6.2-3.20200222.eln103 noarch 285.5 kB Descriptions of common terminals
(dependency) ncurses-libs 6.2-3.20200222.eln103 s390x 1.0 MB Ncurses libraries
(dependency) nettle 3.6-3.eln103 s390x 1.1 MB A low-level cryptographic library
(required) nmap 2:7.91-3.eln105 s390x 23.9 MB Network exploration tool and security scanner
(required) nmap-ncat 2:7.91-3.eln105 s390x 552.9 kB Nmap's Netcat replacement
(dependency) npth 1.6-5.eln103 s390x 49.1 kB The New GNU Portable Threads library
(dependency) nspr 4.29.0-8.eln105 s390x 367.6 kB Netscape Portable Runtime
(dependency) nss 3.58.0-8.eln105 s390x 2.0 MB Network Security Services
(dependency) nss-softokn 3.58.0-8.eln105 s390x 1.9 MB Network Security Services Softoken Module
(dependency) nss-softokn-freebl 3.58.0-8.eln105 s390x 782.5 kB Freebl library for the Network Security Services
(dependency) nss-sysinit 3.58.0-8.eln105 s390x 18.4 kB System NSS Initialization
(dependency) nss-util 3.58.0-8.eln105 s390x 251.9 kB Network Security Services Utilities Library
(dependency) openal-soft 1.19.1-9.eln103 s390x 1.2 MB Open Audio Library
(dependency) openldap 2.4.56-4.eln107 s390x 779.7 kB LDAP support libraries
(dependency) openldap-compat 2.4.56-4.eln107 s390x 6.6 kB Package providing legacy non-threded libldap
(dependency) openssl-libs 1:1.1.1h-1.eln105 s390x 3.5 MB A general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation
(dependency) opus 1.3.1-7.eln103 s390x 450.3 kB An audio codec for use in low-delay speech and audio communication
(dependency) orc 0.4.31-3.eln103 s390x 769.4 kB The Oil Run-time Compiler
(dependency) p11-kit 0.23.21-2.eln103 s390x 1.8 MB Library for loading and sharing PKCS#11 modules
(dependency) p11-kit-trust 0.23.21-2.eln103 s390x 451.5 kB System trust module from p11-kit
(dependency) pam 1.5.1-2.eln105 s390x 1.7 MB An extensible library which provides authentication for applications
(dependency) pango 1.48.0-1.eln105 s390x 908.5 kB System for layout and rendering of internationalized text
(dependency) pcre 8.44-2.eln104 s390x 336.8 kB Perl-compatible regular expression library
(dependency) pcre2 10.36-0.1.RC1.eln105 s390x 384.4 kB Perl-compatible regular expression library
(dependency) pcre2-syntax 10.36-0.1.RC1.eln105 noarch 213.9 kB Documentation for PCRE2 regular expressions
(dependency) pcre2-utf16 10.36-0.1.RC1.eln105 s390x 352.9 kB UTF-16 variant of PCRE2
(dependency) pixman 0.40.0-2.eln103 s390x 532.1 kB Pixel manipulation library
(dependency) publicsuffix-list-dafsa 20190417-4.eln103 noarch 63.5 kB Cross-vendor public domain suffix database in DAFSA form
(dependency) pulseaudio-libs 14.0-2.eln105 s390x 3.3 MB Libraries for PulseAudio clients
(dependency) python-pip-wheel 20.2.4-1.eln105 noarch 1.3 MB The pip wheel
(dependency) python-setuptools-wheel 50.3.2-1.eln105 noarch 549.7 kB The setuptools wheel
(dependency) python3 3.9.1~rc1-1.eln105 s390x 23.7 kB Python 3.9 interpreter
(dependency) python3-libs 3.9.1~rc1-1.eln105 s390x 31.1 MB Python runtime libraries
(dependency) qt5-qtbase 5.15.2-5.eln105 s390x 11.3 MB Qt5 - QtBase components
(dependency) qt5-qtbase-common 5.15.2-5.eln105 noarch 78.0 B Common files for Qt5
(dependency) qt5-qtbase-gui 5.15.2-5.eln105 s390x 22.1 MB Qt5 GUI-related libraries
(dependency) qt5-qtdeclarative 5.15.2-2.eln105 s390x 13.8 MB Qt5 - QtDeclarative component
(dependency) qt5-qtmultimedia 5.15.2-2.eln105 s390x 3.2 MB Qt5 - Multimedia support
(dependency) raptor2 2.0.15-26.eln103 s390x 586.4 kB RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland
(dependency) readline 8.0-5.eln103 s390x 499.1 kB A library for editing typed command lines
(dependency) sed 4.8-6.eln103 s390x 825.9 kB A GNU stream text editor
(dependency) setup 2.13.7-2.eln103 noarch 709.4 kB A set of system configuration and setup files
(dependency) shadow-utils 2:4.8.1-6.eln105 s390x 3.8 MB Utilities for managing accounts and shadow password files
(dependency) shared-mime-info 2.0-5.eln105 s390x 4.9 MB Shared MIME information database
(dependency) soundtouch 2.1.1-5.eln103 s390x 184.7 kB Audio Processing library for changing Tempo, Pitch and Playback Rates
(dependency) sqlite-libs 3.34.0-1.eln105 s390x 1.6 MB Shared library for the sqlite3 embeddable SQL database engine.
(dependency) srt-libs 1.4.2-2.eln105 s390x 678.1 kB Secure Reliable Transport protocol libraries
(dependency) systemd 247.1-1.eln105 s390x 13.7 MB System and Service Manager
(dependency) systemd-libs 247.1-1.eln105 s390x 1.6 MB systemd libraries
(dependency) systemd-pam 247.1-1.eln105 s390x 1.1 MB systemd PAM module
(dependency) systemd-rpm-macros 247.1-1.eln105 noarch 8.4 kB Macros that define paths and scriptlets related to systemd
(dependency) systemd-udev 247.1-1.eln105 s390x 8.5 MB Rule-based device node and kernel event manager
(required) tcpdump 14:4.9.3-6.eln105 s390x 1.4 MB A network traffic monitoring tool
(required) telnet 1:0.17-81.eln103 s390x 136.0 kB The client program for the Telnet remote login protocol
(required) telnet-server 1:0.17-81.eln103 s390x 61.2 kB The server program for the Telnet remote login protocol
(dependency) tzdata 2020d-1.eln104 noarch 1.7 MB Timezone data
(dependency) util-linux 2.36.1-2.eln105 s390x 11.4 MB A collection of basic system utilities
(dependency) vulkan-loader s390x 402.7 kB Vulkan ICD desktop loader
(dependency) webrtc-audio-processing 0.3.1-5.eln103 s390x 756.2 kB Library for echo cancellation
(dependency) wget 1.20.3-8.eln103 s390x 3.1 MB A utility for retrieving files using the HTTP or FTP protocols
(dependency) which 2.21-20.eln103 s390x 79.9 kB Displays where a particular program in your path is located
(required) wireshark 1:3.4.0-1.eln107 s390x 9.1 MB Network traffic analyzer
(required) wireshark-cli 1:3.4.0-1.eln107 s390x 110.1 MB Network traffic analyzer
(dependency) xcb-util 0.4.0-16.eln103 s390x 25.8 kB Convenience libraries sitting on top of libxcb
(dependency) xcb-util-image 0.4.0-16.eln103 s390x 21.6 kB Port of Xlib's XImage and XShmImage functions on top of libxcb
(dependency) xcb-util-keysyms 0.4.0-14.eln103 s390x 12.2 kB Standard X key constants and keycodes conversion on top of libxcb
(dependency) xcb-util-renderutil 0.3.9-17.eln103 s390x 23.8 kB Convenience functions for the Render extension
(dependency) xcb-util-wm 0.4.1-19.eln103 s390x 96.6 kB Client and window-manager helper library on top of libxcb
(dependency) xdg-utils 1.1.3-7.eln103 noarch 312.5 kB Basic desktop integration functions
(dependency) xkeyboard-config 2.31-3.eln105 noarch 5.5 MB X Keyboard Extension configuration data
(dependency) xml-common 0.6.3-55.eln103 noarch 78.4 kB Common XML catalog and DTD files
(dependency) xz-libs 5.2.5-3.eln103 s390x 204.4 kB Libraries for decoding LZMA compression
(dependency) zlib 1.2.11-23.eln105 s390x 230.8 kB The compression and decompression library
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