ELN Extras Package Set Addon View

Description: Extra packages not in ELN, but needed to be built like ELN for testing



Failed Workloads / Warnings

Workload Name Maintainer Config Status
Openstack sst_openstack sst_openstack.yaml Warnings
Mozilla Thunderbird sst_desktop_applications sst_desktop_applications-thunderbird.yaml Warnings
qt6 eln-extra packages tdawson eln_extras_qt6.yaml Errors
qt5 eln-extra packages tdawson eln_extras_qt5.yaml Warnings
Mailman 3 eln-extra packages ngompa eln_extras_mailman3.yaml Errors
kde eln-extra packages tdawson eln_extras_kde.yaml Errors
initial-setup eln-extra packages ngompa eln_extras_initialsetup.yaml Errors
ffmpeg eln-extra packages ngompa eln_extras_ffmpeg.yaml Errors
cinnamon eln-extra packages yselkowitz eln_extras_cinnamon.yaml Errors

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